Thursday, 23 January 2020

Happy New Year

Hi. yes we know its nearly February but we hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. where does the time go ? We are keeping quite busy although it all seems quite calm and orderly now that everybody knows what there is to do and just gets on with it, which is great. We will be having a member's meeting next month to go through all the tasks that need to be completed by our first Open Day on May 3rd, so hope fully there will be no real problems ???
There are some jobs being done on 'Hotpsur'  (new steam valve for the small injector, slight blower leak and a leaky mechanical lubricator to fix), 'Isabel' (regulator to be stripped and fusible plugs to be reseated), 'Nelson', (chain sprockets to be replaced),  and 'Chieftain' needs attention to the main power connectors.

'Hotspur' back in May 2012
Photo: Mark Revell

The Track Boys are tweaking the flat crossing near the 'Triangle' which needs a bit of a rebuild. The S and T Boys are working through the signals one by one and servicing/repainting where necessary, and they are to replace two semaphore signal arms with colour lights to ensure better reliability.
We are also going through all the electrical cabling installations to check and simplify and to record what goes where and does what.
Horticultural work continues with trees being 'thinned' in the Tunnel area, and some maintenance work is being done in the Clubhouse where some damp has been showing. So, steady progress is being made during the dark December and January days, but already we can see the days getting longer, so warmer weather will soon be here, thank goodness!!!
We have decided to introduce an 'Associate' membership grade following requests from some visitors who perhaps are unable to visit often but would like to help in a small way. So if you are interested let us know so we can send details and application form. Membership is £20 per year, which will include receiving a copy of our award winning quarterly Newsletter, and the chance to come along and help out on Fun Days, when you could even have a go at driving one of our electric or petrol powered locos or guarding (under close supervision of course).
It seems the annual Model Engineering Exhibition at the ''Ally Pally' was a bit disappointing this year with a distinct lack of trade stands, compared with previous years, according to some of our members who joined the Norwich Club on their coach for the day out, shame. 
So . that's it for now, so until next time, keep smiling !


Some photos from our Mince Pie Specials Day back in December 2019
Photos: Brian M