Friday, 6 December 2019

It's beginning to look a lot like !!!!!

'Thunderbox' takes the prototype Guard's vehicle for a spin

Hi there
Yes, as they say, 'time and tide waiteth for no man ( or woman)', and it's nearly that time again. Where has this year gone?

Unfortunately we have some sad news, as one of our Founding members, Ken Gilham, passed away recently after a long suffering kidney illness. Ken was a Guard on the Bure Valley Railway, being one of the Founding Friends of the Bure Valley Railway. He was also a guard and driver on the ALR , as well as being involved with the building and running of our railway over the years. Ken was a popular member, having a dry sense of humour and will be sadly missed.

Work continues at the railway with more work being progressed on the 'prototype' Guard's vehicle , with it more or less as we think it should be. The seating has been slightly raised to give a better view forward without sacrificing the stability of the vehicle, and it has been fitted with a higher back to provide more comfort for the Guard, with, eventually, a padded, upholstered seat and back (Pleeze Ladies???). It had a sucessful run on Wednesday, running nicely, so the plan now is to strip it down and give it a coat of grey paint, which it is thought might be its final colour, which once it has the 'ALR' and 'Guard' plates fitted, should look smart.Then we need to re appraise the chassis design and cost the vehicle to see if we can afford, or want to build any more !

Keith and John sampling the ride on the GV

The Guards vehicle was taken round the track behind 'Thunderbox' which the Boys have finally managed to coax back into life, with the help of a new coil and the old spark plugs !!!!!! So happy faces all round. 

Happy John, Pierre, Ricardo and George with a running 'Thunderbox' !

The loco also took a set round to check the running over the Lake flat crossing which has been remade and fitted by Randy, Ray and Barry. Excellent job chaps, very professional installation, which is all that we have come to expect from our Track Boys!!! 

Randy finalising the installation of the new Lake flat crossing

The new shredder has been busy chewing up tree bits all around the site so there is now plenty of mulch to spread around to keep the weeds and vegetation down.

Peter and Alan in amongst the vegetation

Graham and Ricardo are scratching their heads to come up with some more reliable signalling circuits, (wiggly amps we call 'em!), so we look forward to seeing the results of their musings, eventually....
We have also been replacing some of the fence palings and refurbished the platform gate hinges, and we also attended to a roof leak in the Clubroom, that manifested itself some weeks ago during some very heavy rain accompanied by strong winds. We think we have sorted it but time will tell.
We are looking forward to our Christmas meal in a local Hostelry next week, and we are having a bit of a running session on Saturday 21st December, as an excuse to devour some mince pies, sausage rolls and the like. No steamers as they are all tucked away but one or two of the other locos will no doubt have a trundle round !