Thursday, 24 October 2019

Excellent Fun Day

Dave, Chris, John and Derek getting ready for  some Fun Day driving 

Hi there, to round off our operating season, we had a Fun day last Saturday when we had good weather and lots of Fun !!!! Dave and Chris brought up their locos, 'Remus' and 'Little Olive', and Dave also brought along two of his friends, John and Derek, who had a really good time driving and enjoying the surroundings (and the company!)., Several of our members hag a go at driving the visiting locos too so that was good. Our 'Hotspur' was out and about too, along with 'Chieftain,' 'The Shay', and 'Atlas'. We had a break for fish and chips at teatime( supper?) and then drove on into the dark which is an entirely different experience and lots of FUN ! A most enjoyable day !

Peter and Tyler have a go at driving Remus and Little Olive
Ben and John driving Hotspur and Remus

So now we can start to bring everything in and to get to grips with the maintenance that is required over the Winter. There are already more than a few things on the list !

More tree and bush thinning continues and we have nearly finished Randy's Den round the back of the coach shed where he, Ray and Barry do 'track things, now with a workbench, light and power, and a water butt with a tap so they can wash the dirty ballast.!.They have been busy replacing sleepers at the bridge recently with much creosoting going on to preserve the new timbers a bit longer, (it is quite wet down there). The signals are being brought in so we can see what needs doing to them, and one of the station gantry timbers is showing signs of a crack/shake or split, so that will have to come down too. The gnomes and fairies are starting to complain that it's getting cold overnight so they will have to come into the warm for the winter !
Our AGM is due in November, so following that we will be able to confirm the dates for next Year's Open Days, and  on 9th November, we are taking our display stand to the Wensum Valley Model Railway Exhibition courtesy of the 32A Model Railway Club and Fundraisers of Aylsham and District, so maybe we will see  you there ?

Relaxing with Remus in the station


Sunday, 6 October 2019

Today's Open Day cancelled

Hi Everyone
Just to let everyone know that we have had to cancel today's Open Day due to the extremely inclement weather......