Thursday, 18 July 2019

July jottings

Randy brings 'Thunderbox' gently through the station during the July Open Day afternoon

Hi everyone 
We are in the midst of the 'holiday' season and so one or two of us, and more, have been in other parts recently, but our July Open Day went well, it was not too busy so there was a relaxed atmosphere with 'Thunderbox', 'Chieftain', 'Remus', 'Little Olive' and 'Hotspur' on duty. We had one or two signalling problems during the afternoon, but our crews coped well with 'line of sight' working at times, so all was well and the problems have been, mostly, resolved.since. 
'Thunderbox' is working well with just minor 'tweaks' being carried out, mostly to do with the throttle settings, but, overall we are pleased with the loco's performance. It's good to see the loco out and about again as it is very popular with our visitors.
We have also been carrying out work to 'Sergeant' with a new battery installation and some modifications carried out to the electrical bits and pieces, which have been sucessful, (of course!), as the loco has been tested and performs well again. So with luck the loco may be seen out and about again on Open Days. There has been talk of a double header with 'Viceroy'!  

'Sergeant on test wit the Pullmans

We were also amazed that one of our friendly Robins made a nest on the shelf just inside the carriage storage shed down at Laurel Sidings where they successfully raised and fledged some chicks. The birds were often seen flying in and out of the shed when we are about and they must have spotted a missing wall vent grille just above their nest site which enabled them to get in and out when we were not on site.
Mr (or Mrs ?) Robin on the nest in the carriage shed

On the trackwork front, Randy, Ray and Barry have now completed the installation of the 'sliding rail expansion joints' which seem to be doing their job and allowing the rail to move without distortion , so well done Chaps, another first for the ALR!
So, that just about brings us up to date, we are looking forward to visiting our friends at the Parklands Railway on 1st August for their annual bash, let's hope the weather stays kind, should be good.

The three steam locos doing their job very well in the capable hands of Dave, Chris and Pierre!
(all photos Stuart Moore)