Monday, 10 June 2019

June update

Loco line up on June 2nd

Hi there, we had a good Open Day on 2nd June when our visitors enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, riding behind 'Hotspur' , 'Chieftain', 'Little Olive', 'Remus' and 'General', and we are pleased to report that everything ran very well, and the weather behaved too! Good to see our visiting locos again and thanks to Paul, Chris and David for coming over to help out, we know they love coming to see us !

Andy, Jack and Bob King admiring  the Showman's engine.
We also had a welcome visit by the Potter's lovely scale model Showmans engine which was in steam during the afternoon and on display for everyone to see, Thanks to Andy and Jack for bringing it over under its own steam too!

The Class 08 on Shunting duties
Our Juniors, had a good day helping the Yardmaster in placing locos and coaches where required using Peter's Class 08 shunter,  very appropriate ! Our new carriage leanto is in use housing two three car sets giving us more space in the storage shed, where we are reviewing what goes where. The 'work' train with Atlas is now resident on track 4.  
So, we are now continuing with all those jobs that need to be done throughout the year, the vegetation is growing like mad, as usual, and it's good to see the 'shortened' trees already bushing up.We have been very busy working away on 'Thunderbox' to ensure the loco is ready for its 30th Birthday occasion on Sunday 23rd June when we will be celebrating the loco's Birthday and also remembering the Little Melton Light Railway, which would have been celebrating its 30th year. A new hydrostatic drive has been obtained and fitted to the loco and all is being checked and tweaked as necessary to ensure the loco is able to make an appearance on 23rd. 
We have started to look at providing a separate Guards vehicle on each train and will come up with a suitable plan using Ken's existing Guards vehicle as a test bed. We feel it needs springing and should be a bit longer to accommodate the Guards in more comfort, with possibly a slightly higher seat to allow a better view along the train. Once a suitable design is agreed we plan to have the chassis manufactured off site in a batch, so we can complete the vehicles, possibly over the coming Winter, as finances allow. Each vehicle will be finished to match its carriage set.
So, finally, don't forget our extra Open Day on Sunday June 23rd when we hope to have a good afternoon running trains, including, all being well. 'Thunderbox' for the first time in over 2 years, along with several of our other locos. Trains will run from 2 til 5 pm weather permitting, and our usual refreshments will be available, but please remember that dogs are not allowed onsite nor is the consumption of alcohol permitted, thanks....

and we were delighted on Saturday, to see Alan back on 'Lucille' after his recent op, Well done Al!,