Monday, 18 February 2019


An early morning frost on 23rd January 2019
Yes, we are still here and enjoying the current spell of lovely, warm and sunny weather, long may it continue, although we are sure that we will get some winter weather yet !
We are quite busy on our Wednesday and Saturday 'play days', there is activity out on the track with the installation of some more of the newly designed expansion 'joints', and the replacement of some rotten sleepers found on the back straight. This will soon be a job of the past, certainly on the Lake section, as we (well Pierre actually!) have been and collected our first batch of plastic from the very helpful people at Filcris near Cambridge. We had the 50 x 50 mm sections cut into 1.5 m lengths so they would fit in Pierre's vehicle, and then we will cut them into 350 mm or so long sleepers. We are in the process of obtaining the necessary fixings and timber for track edging. Then we can start to remove the existing track sections, so we can ensure the membrane and ballast is ready to receive the new plastic sleepered sections! Exciting or what !!!! Well some of us are, it has been a while under discussion and we look forward to seeing how we get on !
Maintenance of the signals is ongoing and in view of the very mild weather, we have started to restain all the timber posts for the CCTV, telephone boxes and station lamp posts.
'Metposts' are very useful for support  to Signals 13/14 post!

Work on repainting the wagons is also coming along. Johnny B has been busy working on the lathe forming a new drive chain cog for 'Thunderbox' and we look forward to seeing the power unit back soon. Repainting of the metal chassis and other metal bits is under way with a paint to match the existing colour being sourced. and talking of painting, our toilets are currently being repainted to keep them smart. So plenty going on..... 
Work still continues with the tree trimming and resultant tidying up, and we think you may spot the difference when you come to see us on one of our Open Days this year.
We are also planning an additional Open Day to celebrate what would have been the 30th Anniversary of the Little Melton Light Railway during which we hope that we will have 'Thunderbox' back in action, fully overhauled, as that loco is also 30 this year, being one of the first locos to run on the LMLR. So if you were involved at all with the LMLR, we would love to hear from you. More details later, but pencil in Sunday June 23rd as the Day ! 

Now, do you have a loco that you would like to run on our railway ? Then why not contact us to see when you could come along? We are having a Fun Day/Loco visiting day once a month through the season, so if you are interested why not give Alan Ball a call (07717 502597 or via ''), or contact us via '' ? 
We'd love to see you ! (and your loco !)