Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Atlas is a Maxitrak ‘Planet 2’ 0-4-0, 700-watt battery electric loco, purchased by ALRC member, Randy Gourdie, and delivered to the ALR on 4 July 2018. The loco is based on the 2ft gauge light industrial locomotives manufactured by F.C. Hibbard and Co at their Park Royal works in London. These engines were common in industrial service, both narrow and standard gauge, and were found at many naval dockyards.
The model features an all steel bonnet and full cab and incorporates the distinctive Planet radiator and makers plates.  The loco is also fitted with spring suspension, full electronic control and a wealth of detail.
The loco was mainly introduced to haul the ‘maintenance of way/work’ trains on the ALR and is a powerful little loco that is proving to be a popular addition to the ALR fleet.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


'Nelson' waits !
We are pleased to report that we had an excellent Open Day on 2nd, with a good turnout of happy visitors, quite a few who hadn't been before, and we hope they (you ??) will come again ! 'Little Olive'  and 'Remus' came over so their drivers could have a good afternoon out, which they did, but 'Little Olive' threw a tantrum and had to be withdrawn, nothing too serious, but a little job for Chris to attend to back home ! We also had a visit from some folks from over Brandon way who came to see our turntable! We haven't found it yet, but they were very interested in the three way point that is being constructed in the workshop, (nearly finished) and they had very kindly brought us a lovely cake and biccys, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the Gang. Thank you......There are lots of very nice people about!

'Little Olive' awaiting steaming up time

and 'Remus also waiting its turn to play !

We had another very pleasant surprise when a lovely miniature traction engine rolled up the drive, in full steam, with young Thomas Potter in charge, along with Dad, Andy. This lovely engine spent the afternoon with us and received many complimentary comments. Andy has been promising to bring it over and so it was good to see it in action at last. Came all the way under its own steam (yes, really)

Thomas about to depart for home from the ALR.
We had 'General', 'Chieftain', 'Prospero', 'Hotspur', 'Isabel', The Shay and 'Nelson' out during the afternoon and all did well, although 'Hotspur' got tired again and had no puff left later on, out in the 'boondocks' at signal 10, so 'Nelson' went round to do a 'Thunderbird' job and pushed the train back into the station, much to the amusement of the passengers ! Another first for the ALR! don't see this often (cos I'm usually taking the piccys! cheers Pierre) but here is 'moi' with my family enjoying time with the Shay during our September Open Day 

About to depart with the Mason/Aldous Express!
Photo: Peter Hodges

Peter and Pierre took 'Prospero' over to the Whitwell and Reepham Railway last Sunday at the invitation of the Boys and Girls out there, who are building a 71/4" line in the 'top field'. After some problems getting water into the boiler, the loco (and driver) did OK

The ALR's  'Peter and Pierre preparing 'Prospero
and had several trips along the short, but graded and curved line out and back. The line is in its early days but there is plenty of scope there and we look forward to watching the progress that the youngsters (mostly!) achieve. It was good to see Kay and friends from the Evergreens Railway paying a visit, and also a 'family' contingent from Great Eastern Models made an appearance !!!! There were seven ALRC members visiting the site, which is full of interest and well worth a visit ! This is the first time a loco from the ALR has been taken to another railway, and there is interest in repeating the exercise, so watch this space.
A good contingent of members enjoyed a tasty meal at a local hostelry recently, and had a pleasant evening eating, drinking and chatting!
So. plenty going on as always