Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Hello again

Well there's a lovely old song 'Its a long long, time, from May to December'.......well not this year ! Twill be September on Saturday, yes it will, and so another Open Day on Sunday 2nd September, if you recall ? Trains will be running from 2 til 5 if the weather behaves, and it will !! hope to see you there. Should be 3 or four steamers out and our usual array of other locos, looking forward to it.
We had a nice evening visit recently, from our friends of the 'Top Field' railway at Reepham & Whitwell, who are building a 71/4" line, and a pleasant evening was had riding the trains and having a good old 'mardle', think they were impressed, we still are !! We look forward to visiting them in September, when Peter plans to take along his 'Prospero' for a trundle round their track! Nice to welcome Ann and Mark from Great Eastern Models during the evening too.
Our track and points are back in action following one or two problems which meant we couldn't have a Fun and Visiting locos day on 19th August. Our point motors are due for a good old overhaul and even replacement as they have been whirring away for 14 or 15 years now, not bad for cheap screwdriver motors eh? The S and T Boys are planning a methodical  approach, (really?) over the winter checking and sorting the point motors out, replacing where necessary, including having a spare one made up for a quick changeover should the need arise during a Public running session. 
We have, at long last, started our 'Steam Loco Management' sessions, being run by Alan and Keith, which is enabling several of our members to learn what is involved in driving and looking after a miniature steam loco. We would like to record our thanks to Brian Baker and Brian Reading for their help in setting these sessions up for us.
Pierre getting to know 'Hotspur'

Ricardo leaves the station ....tenderly!

After many discussions (and we are very good at them !), and visits to other railways, we are now planning and costing up the use of plastic sleepers, starting with the Lake section, which is the wettest part of the ground on the railway. So, all being well we will be making a start during the 'close season', should be an interesting exercise? Watch this space.....  
We have also made a start on fabricating another three way point to give us more siding space down at Laurel Sidings, which will enable us to have two steaming roads outside the shed, and additional siding space needed on running days when things can get interesting down there! 

The new three way being set up to get the correct alignment at Laurel Sidings
The Umbrella Special leaving the station with John Buckingham driving and Tyler guarding
Photo: Peter Hodges
..and on Sunday we helped our Chairman celebrate a forthcoming 'significant' birthday, when some 50 invited friends enjoyed a lovely Hog Roast with all the trimmings, and just a short ride round the track as it was a rubbish afternoon with much precipitation (like it was rather inclement to be polite!), but that didn't dampen the spirits, oh no, brilliant afternoon, very enjoyable. Thanks to John and Jane for all their efforts in making for great afternoon....

Guests mingling in the Clubroom
Photos: Brian M or as noted

So, we think that's just about brought you up to date, see you soon.....and keep smiling !

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Well, what a Summer we are having, temperatures reached 39/40 degrees on Thursday and Friday last week, talk about Costa del Cromer !!!!! but we have had some cooler days and some rain which is badly needed, but the temperatures are picking up again now so we should have a nice Open Day this coming Sunday 5th August. There is the prospect of having five steam locos in action, with maybe an appearance of Randy's lovely little 'Atlas' loco, which is proving to be a big hit with us all. So, should be good.

'Atlas' with its smart lettering in place (well done Ben!) stands in the loco shed on 28th July
The S and T Boys have further improved the interlocking protection on routes coming into the platforms thereby preventing any conflicting movements, which it was noted during the recent Fun Day, was still possible in some instances !!!!! The concreting of the Lakeside crossing is completed, we think, and the Boys are connecting back the track circuit wiring, so we should have it all working to check on Saturday. 
Concreting operatives in action

Civil engineering plant at the Lakeside crossing site 1st August
A blitz was made on tree and bush trimming as they still continue to shoot up at an amazing rate, in spite of the dry weather, although the sweat (forgive me) from the Lads must have helped to stimulate some more growth. 
We have both Green and Lesser spotted woodpeckers around as well as the buzzards and the occasional kite. (no Dave, it's too windy for your drone, Mate!)
We will be looking forward to visiting the Parklands Railway over at Hemsby on Tuesday next to enjoy their trains, company and BBQ, always a good afternoon.

So, that brings you up to date, must fly, things to do, keep smiling


Randy brings 'Atlas' carefully through the station alongside 'Chieftain'