Tuesday, 13 March 2018

All steamed up !

Squit mine entrance No 2 in Winter

Hi there, well we had a great day last Saturday when we fetched our steam locos out of storage, linked them back up to their tenders, filled 'em with 'clean'water , prepped them and steamed them up, and all went well, we are delighted to report, especially 'Hotspur', our Romulus, that we fitted with new pistons (with help and guidance from out Friends!) over the Winter. The loco ran a few gentle circuits of Tunnel section and was eager to go, so we were really pleased. 

Warming 'em up on shed

'Hotspur'  sets off gently on its first run under Keith's careful hand.

'Isabel' and 'Prospero' did likewise so there were lots of Happy Chappies! So all is ready for Brian B to come over on Wednesday to give them their necessary checks to enable new certificates to be issued.

JP tinkers with 'Isabel' before taking her round

'Isabel' and 'Prospero' pose for the camera!

The new timbers for the back straight signal gantry are cut and shaped, and painting is in progress, and our thoughts are turning to providing metal cross members next time, for longevity, and less weight, we think ?
The tree felling is slowing down now as we start to prepare for the new season, but periodic trimming and clearing will continue to keep on top of the growth, through the year. You will notice a difference when you visit this year we think !
Our trackwork is in excellent 'nick' as the Boys have been continuously beavering away all Winter, and their efforts will be rewarded in a smooth ride, we hope.
.....and on the modern technology front, we saw our S and T Boys playing around with a small 'solar' panel ????? wonder what's in their minds now, interesting, watch this space.
On Saturday we are taking our Display stand to the Bawdeswell Model Railway Exhibition, organised by the 32 A Model Railway Club, so that should be a good day, and we look forward to much 'mardling' !!!

'Hotspur' comes through the Layby siding past the Track Gang working on the main

P.S. Only 8 weeks to go to our first Open Day om Sunday May 6th !!!!