Friday, 3 February 2017

ALRC 0-4-0T loco No.11: Prospero


This steam loco, built by Station Road Steam in Lincolnshire, was purchased new in early 2017 by ALRC member Peter Harvey. It is an 0-4-0T Feldbahn, inspired by Orenstein & Koppel's narrow gauge engines of the 1920s. Many examples of these locos, and her sister version known as the Stafford, can be seen at miniature railways around the UK. The tender on which the driver sits was built by ALRC members. The loco is named Prospero after Peter’s last company before he retired. Prospero is a character in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and is also a moon of the planet Uranus. The loco was occasionally seen on Open Days during 2017 as Peter honed his driving skills, and we hope to see her run regularly on Open Days from 2018.