Monday, 20 February 2017

February Greetings

Happy Boys celebrating the installation of the structural posts for the new extension on February 8th 2017 !
How time is already flying this year, and lots to do ! The big news we guess, is that we received Planning Permission in January for our Clubroom extension, and so we are in full  'building' mode! As you read this the roof trusses are on and we have the roof cladding bearers in position ready to fix the roof cladding sheeting (to match the existing) which are being delivered on Wednesday (JIT stuff here you know!). We are aiming, if all goes well, to have the extension virtually complete by our first Open Day on May 7th. We hope you will be impressed ????. So far so good, the weather has been very kind to us, and as usual our members rise to the challenge, well done Boys!

Roof trusses in position

Work on other fronts proceeds with a new tender being built for...oops, you're not supposed to know about this yet so, watch this space, when in a few weeks we should have some exciting news ???? 

Dave and Ken check the chassis rolling tender, looking good ! (others were involved !!!)
We have the timbers all ready to construct a wagon shelter down at Laurel Sidings to give us a bit more shed storage space, and we are waiting for the chassis to be delivered for our new tool van. Work continues with checking and fettling our signals, and we have even started to give our buildings a coat of green stain whilst the weather has been so mild, to keep them looking good.

Graham attends to a signal
All photos: Brian M
We are attending the East Dereham Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday to renew acquaintances and spread the ALR word to the unknowing! Should be a good day....


P.S. JIT means 'Just in Time', a method used by industry to save stock space and cost, ensuring efficient production line techniques!!! wow, but you probably know that already ?

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sad News

We have had some sad news recently, as one of our long standing members, Alan Heath, has, sadly, passed away. Alan had been a member of the Club since June 2003, and was a member of the Club's Management Committee for several years.. He was a regular signalman, spending many hours in the box, and had helped to train several of our members in the delights of being a signalman over the years. He will be missed, and our thoughts go out to his wife Jill, and his family at this sad time.

  R. I. P.   Al

Friday, 3 February 2017

ALRC 0-4-0T loco No.11: Prospero


This steam loco, built by Station Road Steam in Lincolnshire, was purchased new in early 2017 by ALRC member Peter Harvey. It is an 0-4-0T Feldbahn, inspired by Orenstein & Koppel's narrow gauge engines of the 1920s. Many examples of these locos, and her sister version known as the Stafford, can be seen at miniature railways around the UK. The tender on which the driver sits was built by ALRC members. The loco is named Prospero after Peter’s last company before he retired. Prospero is a character in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and is also a moon of the planet Uranus. The loco was occasionally seen on Open Days during 2017 as Peter honed his driving skills, and we hope to see her run regularly on Open Days from 2018.