Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The leaves are really falling now !

Hi, it's Autumn with a vengeance now ! It's colder, darker, wetter, and the trees are shedding their leaves like there's no tomorrow, but hopefully there will be ?

Richard and Peter busy 'gardening' down by the lake
So, we've been busy on the railway, trimming bushes and undergrowth here and there, (surprise, surprise), the signals are all in, the station gantry cross beam has been taken down and its replacement timbers ordered as there is some rot present, and the cameras are in,

Ken, Steve and Pierre moving the locos into the top workshop shed
 'Isabel' and 'Lucille' are separated from their tenders, the water drained and the locos moved to their Winter quarters in the top workshop shed. We have left 'Hotspur' for now just in case we feel like a play one nice sunny day ! 
We have also installed a block and tackle with lifting beam in the loco shed which will be a boon in helping with vehicle lifting when inspecting or carrying out maintenance and repairs.....

The block and tackle in action with a Happy Steve (and others!)
We have also obtained a very smart, unused mobile generator which has reignited our desire to have a proper tool van to store all the track maintenance 'stuff' in, so plans are afoot, or in hand !, to come up with a suitable design, to accommodate the genny and track tools....,, watch this space....imagine a 'work train on the ALR...three wagons, a tool van/guards van, and a coach!!!!! 
We have started the maintenance regime on the rolling stock too, so plenty going on to keep us busy!
A 'barn owl' box has been installed on the big oak tree opposite the holiday cottages (see 'eastviewfarm.co.uk' for details..superb!) in the hope that these wonderful birds can be attracted back.

The Barn Owl box in position
All photos; Brian M