Friday, 21 October 2016

October Update

Peter getting used to Chris's Sweet William
 Hello again, how quickly Summer disappears as the days shorten and we prepare for Autumn and Winter  !!!!!! We have just about recovered from that very very busy Open Day and are now thinking about the jobs we need to do over the Winter, The list isn't too bad, so we will work through the tasks in our usual way and hopefully, by next Spring we will be raring to go again! 
 There is prospect of a new steam loco at the ALR, as one of our members is investing in a 'Feldbahn' loco from Station Road Steam, which is expected in January,so that will be exciting ! We are to carry out a comprehensive check on 'Thunderbox' so we can decide whether the loco needs a replacement engine, or not, so it will be interesting to see what we discover once the loco is stripped down.We are to fit a second injector and new sight glasses to 'Hotspur' which is running nicely now and there are one or two other jobs to do on 'Isabel' and 'Lucille', some signalling tweaks to be looked at to make operations safer in the Lake area, and the timber cross beam on the station gantry has rot in a couple of places, so a replacement will be fitted over the winter, and there will be one or two gardening tasks to be done, probably !

Graham coaxing 'Hotspur' through the station, with Dave 'conducting' Pierre into Den section with  'Romulus'
We had a great 'Fun Day' on 15th October when our friends from south of the border brought along their two'Sweet Williams' and the 'Romulus' so our Boys could have a go at steam loco driving, and they did ! There were five trains out for most of the day so plenty of chance for our members to have a go, we even had a freight train trundling round with 'Nelson' in charge. Excellent...This was all followed by a tasty fish and chip supper, so a good day was enjoyed by all.

The three steamers having a rest in the station
Photos: Alan Ball, Brian M ;
and this month's competition !

 What on earth is this ?????

answers on a used postage stamp, please, to...'you know where'

and for an additional prize......whose arm is holding the ???????