Thursday, 29 September 2016

It's Never nearly October ?

Well it is, can't believe it, Sunday is our Last Open Day for this year so we are hoping for a nice day, to welcome you, with a variety of trains.....all our steam locos are fit, and  in fact all our locos are serviceable so who knows what might appear ?. Paul is coming over with 'Holkham'  as well, so there will be a good variety of  trains to ride behind.

The Class 08 outside the workshop
One of our newer members, Peter, brought his Class 08 over to have a good run round our track and found that there seemed to be a problem with the controller, but pleasingly, the folks at '4QD' are coming up with a remedy, which is very good ! It's of 'Compass' origin and is a very nicely detailed, strong loco, it certainly looks good ! 
We have been, yes, you know.....gardening, as you will see if you come on Sunday, lots of trimmed bushes and trees to help with the views from the signal box and shed, and much easier to maintain too. We've got the station fencing treated to a 'cream' coat for the winter, and everything else plods on with maintenance and various jobs being attended to by our enthusiastic members (14 on site on Wednesday!).
So, short and sweet this time, maybe we'll see you on Sunday ?



We have a variety of 'genuine' enamel signs (16 ) for sale, as can been seen from the photo, that shows a selection. They are all 'Southern' area signs kindly donated to us by a 'benefactor' but as we have no real need for them, they are for sale. If you would like full details, kindly get in touch via '' Thanks....

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A 'gentle' Open Day !

Isabel and Ben coming over the bridge with a full train
We enjoyed a leisurely Open Day on Sunday for a change, must have been everybody getting ready for 'back to school' Monday ?????, or Bressingham or the North Norfolk Railway Steam Weekend,,or whatever,,,,,who knows, but we had a good afternoon with time to chat to people, so thank you for coming Folks, its always good to see you enjoying our Railway !
'Remus' and 'Little Olive' came up from Suffolk, (thanks again Guys, we know its a drudge coming up here but, we think you enjoy it ?) ...... and had a great time, as did  'Isabel',  'General', 'Nelson' and the 'Shay', all having steady trundles round the circuit. So just one more Open Day to go, then we're finished for this year, how quickly its gone !!!!!

David brings Remus through the green Tunnel (methinks?)
Those of you who remember the lovely Little Melton Light Railway, now long gone unfortunately, that gave so many people so much pleasure, and whose memory lives on in a small way at the Ashmanhaugh Light Railway, will be delighted to learn that there is now a tribute website (see Link on the right) with some fascinating information and photos that Michael Fish has created. Well worth a look ! Michael is keen to hear from anyone who has any memories or photos to get in touch with him via his website, thank you..


John with Nelson and the 'Pullmans'
All photos: Graham Reeve