Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Superb Open day

Prestart time down at the shed

Hi there, well what a day we had on Sunday.....the weather was great (has Summer arrived ????Shhhhh), the grass had dried out sufficiently to allow car parking (thank goodness, was a bit touch and go), our visitors were all very nice, happy people, and we had a great afternoon. Thank you all for coming....

'Holkham' and 'Little Olive' trundle past the shed on a double header
We had a good running session with 'Holkham', 'Little Olive', (what lovely little engines these are eh?} 'Isabel', 'Chieftain', 'General' all running really well, (mostly!). 'Lucille' was fired up ready to go but in the end was not needed so she was put to bed early, but Keith did get a drive on 'Isabel,, taking over from Ben, so he was a happy Boy too!!!!! So thanks again to Paul, Chris, Dave and Tony for coming up to help us, they had a great time as usual, and a special thanks to all our Ladies who do so much to help out on Open Days! See you next time ????