Sunday, 29 May 2016


Hello, can't believe we are almost halfway through 2016 already, is time going quicker as you get older, (and for some of us it must be whistling by if that's the case!!!), or is someone making the days shorter? Anyway, we are busy, busy, had a good session on Saturday with bush pruning as there is 6 to 9 " (150 to 225 mm if you insist!) of growth already, but a concerted effort by the gang with an electric hedge strimmer works wonders, so by lunchtime the station area was just about done, allowing us to have a bit of a play in the afternoon.

Gardening in progress
We did a couple of conducted tours during the day too with some visitors from Brandon way and further afield, and the two families staying in the holiday cottages gave us a look too, enjoying a trip around the railway.  It's always nice to show off our railway !
Our new pillar drill is assembled and in position ready for action, as the old one was getting a bit wobbly. It is still serviceable so we are moving it down to the loco shed where it will be a useful standby.
New pillar drill in position in the workshop
We are also about to order the materials required to enable us to erect a canopy over the front of the loco shed to give some protection to drivers preparing their locos when the weather is inclement. We have to look after our drivers !!!!!

Steve at work on Hotspur's lining
Steve has spent some time applying some gold lining to Hotspur, which sets the loco off a treat. She has had a new injector fitted which is playing up a bit, but the loco is more or less serviceable now, as are Isabel and Lucille. Isabel had a run out on Saturday too, along with Hotspur, Nelson and General, so we could have the prospect of four, maybe five steam locos (!!!!) out on our next Open Day, which is....yes, Sunday 5th June. We have Paul and Dave coming over with their Sweet William and Romulus locos.......Maybe we'll see you then????
....and, as always trackwork tweaking continues, (bit like painting the Forth Bridge, never ending! Ok I know they don't now, but you know what I mean?)

Work train out by the lake

Checking and tweaking the track near the Lake flat crossing
Looking forward to popping across to Hemsby next week to see the action there, and we have a Black 5 visiting the ALR on Wednesday (Richard Gomersall's), for a play on our track.
Then very soon we shall be toddling off on our annual Boys Weekend Away, which this year will see us based near Stoke on Trent, to enjoy some railway and other (???) delights, should be good.


P.P. just to confirm our ticket prices are the same as last year,  that is £1.50 per single ride, £4,00 for an afternoon Rover and £12.00 for a Family Rover (2A 2C). Parking is free and light refreshments and ice creams are available.

Bye for now