Monday, 18 April 2016

April showers !

Joan's lovely artistic painting of the railway

Well, we have certainly had some rain recently which has slowed down one or two jobs, like sprucing up the paintwork on the Ticket Office and the fencing, although we managed to get the Ice Cream Parlour done, the water storage tank has been cleaned out and surprise, surprise, some gardening has been done !!! The grass has had a cut and the ice cream fridge has been cleaned and is on ready for stocking up...
The preparations on the rolling stock is coming along nicely with just about everything 'good to go'. We had a bit of storm damage last week which knocked out some LED s on the signal box panel and tripped out the mains supply to the Laurel Sidings shed, but all working again now. We have rewired the signals in the Laurel Sidings area so that if the road is set for the main line the colour light signal in the yard shows yellow, and, conversely if the mainline is set for the siding, the colour light will  show red. If the route is clear for a train to leave the yard then the siding exit 'dolly' will be off and the colour light will show green! Smart......
Our steamers are all good to go again, as the work to Hotspur has been completed with just the valve gear timing to be reset, so fingers crossed, they should all be out and about at some time during the year !!!!
So with two weeks to go before our first Open Day for 2016 on Sunday May 1st, we have trundelled General round with a set to check all the signals and points are working as they should, and we aim to have one or two more practice sessions to get us all into operating mode and to get some of our newer members 'trained up' !!!! We have a couple of visiting steam locos coming along to help out on May 1st, a Sweet William and a Romulus, so we are looking forward to seeing our friends from Suffolk again, (think they quite like it at the ALR!), so let's hope for some nice sunny weather eh ?