Monday, 21 March 2016

We are still here!

DJ and Graham doing the 'hard sell' at Bawdeswell
Hello, you may have thought that we were hibernating, but no, we have been pottering away at this and that, but to be honest there hasn't been that much of interest to report, and we don't want to be 'boring', that would never do, but we thought we had better post something else you would be wondering ????

The ALRC display stand complete with photo albums and laptop slide show with railway background sounds!
We have been to another Model Railway Exhibition with our display stand, this time last Saturday (19th March) saw us at the super, almost new, Bawdeswell Village Hall, where there was an interesting variety of model railways to be seen, along with other railway related stands, organised by the '32 A' & 'Whitwell' Model Railway Clubs. Well done Boys, good effort ! (interesting to note ,as one does, that there were 11 (yes eleven!) ALRC people helping out during the day, what a great turnout, thank you all).  Once again we met some very nice people and hopefully have introduced our railway to some 'new' people who we would like to think will visit us this year?

Back at the railway, we have started to put out the trackside signs, (think we've got 'em all in the right places !), and the signals are all cleaned. painted and ready to be reinstalled and tested..The curved point giving access to Laurel Sidings is now in place and Graham is re-connecting the signal wiring in this area. 

Graham pondering the wiring at the newly installed curved mainline point at Laurel sidings
The Track Boys have completed their sleeper replacement programme on the mainline for this winter and are now concentrating their efforts on the Laurel sidings yard area, replacing some of the 2" (50 mm) wide sleepers that came from The Little Melton Light Railway back in 2002 (so they have lasted well!).

Barry replacing sleepers in the Yard, with Ray the Elder supervising and Ray the Younger wondering about the colour ! (Private joke !!!!)
In future we intend to attack a section of the mainline each year or so, to check and replace sleepers where necessary, and depending on the extent of these replacements, we will decide whether to start using plastic sleepers on certain sections, practicalities and finance permitting !. We also hear that our Annual PAT testing is to take place this week,.... lucky girl, hope she passes !!!!

'Chieftain' is having a mechanical braking system fitted, and has been living in the loco shed for a week or two while this is completed. Work is about to start on refurbishing the bottom end of 'Hotspur', as there are various bushes etc. that need remaking or tweaking to tighten everything up so the valve gear can be reset, allowing the loco to be brought back into service, which we are looking forward to, as this fine little Club loco has been out of action for too long.
....and if this weather holds, the paint brushes will be got out to spruce up fencing and buildings for the new season, joy of joys !!!!! won't be long now! 


Did this make you smile ? Good, we like happy!!!!!
(thanks Ricardo....all photos Brian M)