Sunday, 7 February 2016

Month Two

Hello....we are enjoying picking up some of the 'tweaky' type jobs now that the major part of constructing the railway is done, which include, altering the point that leads off the main line into Laurel Sidings so it has a more continuous curve than before, (and we like curves!!!!),

The point being reworked on the bench

and how's it looking on site?
 the signal maintenance proceeds with paintwork being applied to the posts to keep 'em smart!,

One of the signals receiving attention
All Photos:Brian M 
.... the 'engineering' Boys have installed a sprung sub frame to the tender of Isabel to give a more forgiving ride, both to the track and the driver's posterior!, the 'ticket' office is now painted in a lovely shade've guessed it....Magnolia !!!! (please note that our retail staff will be issued with sunshades when working in there (Health and SSSSSafety! !!!!), the track Boys are still replacing sleepers in the Squit Mine area, (still looking for Squit Mine Number One??????).  
We have also remeasured the mainline run (thanks to  David for the loan of his wheel), and confirmed it to be 840 metres, or 917 yards, or 0.52 of a mile or 0.83 kilometres! take your pick!!!! 
We have also agreed the dates for this year's Loco Visiting Days and the Club's Fun Days, and are looking forward to welcoming some interesting locos and owners again this year.