Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 here we come!

Our stand at the Gorleston exhibition
Hi there, we got off to a flying start for the New Year as we attended a model railway exhibition with our display stand on 9th January, where we met lots of very nice people and received lots of complimentary comments about the railway, which is always good to hear !!!!!!
Then, yesterday, 10 of us traveled down to this year's Model Engineering Exhibition held, as usual at the wonderful 'Ally Pally', (Alexandra Palace in North London), brilliant day out., lots to see, lots of inspiring 'engineering' whether it be trains, boats, planes, lorries, etc,  there was a wonderful diversity of very impressive 'models' and lots of very tempting trade stands. One or two 'parcels' appeared at the end of the day to be secreted in the minibus boot!!!!!! (but that did not include a yacht, Guys, what a good Boy was I then ?????). Great day out !

The rear view camera swung out into position on Chieftain
Photos: Brian M
Meanwhile, back at the 'ranch' we have been doing one or two things.....Mr Jones has been fitting a reverse looking camera to his 'Chieftain' loco to enable him to see what's going on where he's been!!! the maintenance work on the signals continues with repairs and repainting being carried out as necessary, sleeper replacement around the lake continues as it is very wet down there, the lowest part of the site, and it was always wet there but with all this rain we have had, it's even wetter now ! 'General' has had a posh new bonnet handle fitted to make the lifting of the body easier.....Richard has been out doing a bit of gardening, so we are ticking over........
We are currently planning this year's 'Boys Weekend Away', looking at the Crewe/Stoke on Trent area which we haven't explored as yet....    
Think that's about all for now, just hoping we don't get much of that white stuff as the temperature has really plummeted recently, but it is winter time after all, so we can expect some sooner or later!