Thursday, 12 November 2015

More pottering

Lovely Autumn colours
We continue to get on with the various jobs that we need to do now that our running season is over, hopefully before any 'bad' weather sets in. It's still very mild and a lovely sunny day again (Thursday 10th Nov), today. The coaches are more or less serviced, with just the three trucks to look at, Nelson is receiving some attention, General is scheduled for a tweak or three, as is Thunderbox. Chieftain is OK, as is Viceroy and Sergeant. The Shay is OK too. Lucille is serviceable, and we have just fitted an electric water pump, as used on the locos of our Friends from Suffolk, (thanks Guys, good plan!) and it worked extremely well when tested the other day, so the plan is to fit one to Lucille and Hotspur too. Isabel is due for her hydraulic and steam test shortly so she will be 'certificated' again, and we look forward to her working well next season, she is a lovely loco.
The track 'gang' are busy replacing the edging boards round the lake, well not actually round the lake but the trackbed around the lake perimeter if you get my drift!!!

Ray and John track working lakeside
and we have been accommodating the battery and electric pump housings on Isabel, and refitting the seat with a strong backrest to make the driving position more comfortable. Not sure about the arm rests and the bar area tho !!!!!!

Nelson and Isabel having attention from JP, Dave and John
We had a good Annual General Meeting last Saturday during which next year's Open Day dates were agreed (see across) and we look forward to seeing you all then!!!!!


Autumn is lovely ??

All photos;Brian M