Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pottering time !

The Gnomes being collected for their trip into the warm from a leafy Tunnel!

Driverless 'General' trundles into the station
Yesterday was a bit damp, a gloomy, mild, Autumn day which gave us the chance to have more than a bit of a 'mardle', and a few relaxing cuppas during the morning, during which time several 'good ' ideas were tabled !!!!! (some we might do, some we might not !!!!) Then the rain stopped, so we popped out with General (in quiet mode!), the open wagon and a coach, to take in the signs, the gnomes and the fairies, which are all now stored away for the winter in the shed, cosy and warm!!!! The signals and the cameras will follow soon, all being checked and 'maintained' as necessary before also being stored away for the Winter.;

Cleaning time for the signs before being stored away
Photos: Brian M
We have made a start on the carriage maintenance, with the locos to follow, and there is plenty of 'tweaking' to do out on the track, so that will keep us occupied, but no pressure !!!!  and we must see if we can get the 'Ticket office' lined out too !!!!!!

Have  a good Halloween and Bonfire night, keep safe !!


A night time photo of  'Little Olive' resting during the October running day
Photo: Chris Bedwell