Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happy Sun Day !!

'Remus' and 'Holkham' in view from the station
We had a lovely afternoon for our last Open Day for this year with lots of happy visitors (and Operating crews!) enjoying the  lovely sunshine. Thank you all for coming, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves on this lovely Autumn day. All went more or less OK, just a couple of 'whoopsies', but nothing desperate, so we were happy Boys and Girls! Our Friends from Suffolk came over again with 'Holkham' and 'Remus', (think they enjoyed themselves ???!!!), and we used Lucille, General, Thunderbox, The Shay, Chieftain, and Sergeant during the afternoon, so there was a good variety to please our visitors, and us ! We are quite impressed, as we hope our visitors were ?, with the sound units (MTronics) we have fitted to 'Chieftain' (Class 37 sound) and General (Class 31 sound), they certainly bring the locos to life, although it is good to be able to turn them off if you wish !!!!! (and, of course if we get fed up with those we can always buy more 'chips' with different sounds !!!! very impressive )

'Thunderbox'  on its way past the signal box
So, onwards with the tidying up and winter maintenance over the coming months, we have our last loco visiting day next weekend which will enable us to have another fun day with our Suffolk Friends, running into the dark, followed by F and C from the local chippie, looking forward to it!

'Chieftain' comes past the headshunt at Laurel Sidings
All photos: Brian M