Monday, 19 October 2015

Fun Running in the dark !

Our Four visitors with their lovely locos ready for action!
Photo: Brian M
We had a great day on Saturday when our Friends from Suffolk came over ....again!!!! (I do believe they like it at the ALR!)....with their two 'Sweet Williams' , (Holkham and Little Olive), and the 'Romulus', 'Remus'. After a leaf clearing (nice leaves!) session with the help of our leaf blower machine, (wonderful piece of kit, if a little noisy!!!!), we ran lots of trains during the afternoon into the dark, which is very spooky and great fun with the red and green signal lights showing well in the darkness. 'General', 'The Shay', and 'Chieftain' came out to play too. We had a good turnout of some 25 happy folks and a good time was had for our last running session for the year, a great way to finish.We also enjoyed very tasty Fish and Chips from the local Chippie which rounded the evening off nicely.
We were impressed with the electric pumps the guys had fitted to their Sweet Williams and will be trying the idea on our steamers, which certainly make filling the boiler and topping up if injectors are playing up, easy!!!! We were also impressed with the LED lighting strips used on the locos which are very effective......Well done Chasps!! 
We are pleased to report that Isabel was steamed up succesfully on Wednesday and had a little trundle round 'Tunnel' section. All seems well apart from a couple of tweaks required, so once they are sorted we will be able to get the loco certificated again, good news!.
We have also put separate 12 volt batteries on General and Chieftain to prevent battery draining problems we encountered on Open Day after the sound units were fitted, both working nicely, great sounds !!!!

Young George in charge of things in the Signal Box
Photo: Jane Dewbery

You don't often get a photo of the Shay with Yours Truly driving !! Looks a bit serious?
Photo: Jane Dewbery