Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn Has Arrived !

Two coach sets resting comfortably in the newly completed lean to storage shed 
Hi there, yes, it feels very 'Autumnal' now with cooler evenings and a good dew on the grass early morning, we've seen quite a lot of rain too, so we look round on these rainy days for inside jobs to keep us occupied ! or make another brew and have a 'mardle' !!!!
Isabel's boiler is sucessfully repaired, we are happy to report, so the loco is being re-assembled so that she can undergo a steam test to get her  new boiler certificate.The new tender wheels and axles are fitted and the new water tank  is also being installed in the tender.
Thunderbox has been having 'tweaks' to its carburettor needle, in an attempt to cure a flat spot in the revs. Might have to get a new one (needle that is) if that doesn't work, but it is much better.
The new coaches have had some cushions made so they will be comfy for our visitors on Sunday (Yes, don't forget Open Day Sunday 6th September......2 til 5 pm!!!! ). Should have ten locos available, as our Friends from Suffolk are coming with two, and we hope to have Lucille out as well ! Haven't seen her in action for a while !!!! We will have to see.
'Things' have been happening to 'Chieftain' too (pleased to see DJ out and about a bit!), small embellishments that you might be able to spot when you see the loco next !
Apart from that, gardening continues and track edging boards are being replaced where they are in need, and track tweaking continues.
Been reading some stuff recently about the Little Melton Railway that we came across a while ago, so hopefully will pen some abstracts for your info next time......

ALR Topiary ! our very own  F6  (GER G 69?)?
courtesy of Brackers