Monday, 17 August 2015

Fun days !

Bob's 0-4-2 ready to go
Hi, we had a good day on Saturday when some of our good friends from Hemsby came over with a couple of locos and had a fun day! Brian's smart little 'GER' tank 'might have been', had a good time, what a super loco this is, and with Brian's infectious enthusiasm, we had some laughs! 

Mr Baker and Mr Jones
Bob came over too with his super GWR tank, which also had a good run round once the shattered sight glass had been replaced! 

Bob replacing the sight glass in the loco shed pit with Brian R helping
We took the opportunity of carrying out some training with some of our members, so there were plenty of trains about!

George getting to know Nelson
Meanwhile, track tweaking continues, and whilst Isabel is 'laid up', the Boys are taking the opportunity of replacing the tender wheel axles and bearings, as the existing bearings were massive and 'caress' the track in some places which is obviously not a good thing ? We will also fit the larger tender water box we had made. Our local Engineer, Charlie, has, we hope, made good the leak on the loco and we await, anxiously, to see if all is well when Brian R tests it in the near future.
We have a running evening with a Fish & Chip Supper, planned for Members, families and invited guests in September, so we are looking forward to having an enjoyable time then! It's always fun to operate in the dark (some of us do that all the time!!!!!), so we thought we would make it a sociable evening.
Gardening work continues and we are pleased to say our Gardening 'Guru', Richard is making good progress after his recent accident, and DJ, our other 'recently out of Hospital' member, is out and about again  after his Op, which is good to see.
The Lodge (Ice cream Parlour !!!) has had a coat of paint and is looking smart, and one of the next jobs is to line out the Ticket Office to make this a bit cosier for our 'Sales Staff'!
Think that's about it g for now, keep smiling and see you soon?


Nice piccy ????

Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunny Sunday

We had a great Open Day on Sunday 2nd August, when the lovely warm sunshine enticed lots of lovely people to come and visit the railway, which saw us putting five trains out to keep the queues down ! Our two steam visitors, Remus and Little Olive were splendid and ran all afternoon without a hitch, and it was good to see the smiles on David and Chris' s faces, they were happy boys ! So we ran General, Chieftain, The Shay, Thunderbox and Sergeant, to help out too during the afternoon, and they all ran faultlessly as well, so everybody was happy !
Sorry no photos, but one forgot to take one's camera!!!! maybe next time?