Friday, 31 July 2015

Blimey , it's August now !!!! (just about)

Bob's interesting Romulus preparing for a run at Hemsby
Hi, can't believe how quickly this year is flying by, soon be 'you know what' !!!!!! time, so we have our 4th Public Open Day (we should really say afternoon???? ) this coming Sunday (2nd August, 2 til 5 pm). We have two visiting steam locos coming along to help us out and to provide some variety, (a 'Sweet William' and a 'Romulus', courtesy of Chris and Dave from deepest Suffolk!). We are looking forward to a good afternoon as the weather forecast is promising, so fingers crossed eh?
We have nearly finished the new lean to storage shed which just needs the door making (in progress!), and fitting, and then we can start to use it.....plenty of bush trimming going on, it's all still growing!!!! Richard, our Gardening 'guru' had a bit of a mishap last week when he slipped on the tunnel bank and did some damage to his knee which neccesitated an ambulance visit. The crew were impressive, when they saw the track, they wanted to know if the power was turned off and if there was a train likely !! (well, it could be arranged, we said!) They were excellent and got Richard sorted and into hospital where they have repaired the damage, and he is at home now twiddling his thumbs with his leg in plaster !!!, but in good spirits!!! Another of our members has just come out of hospital after an 'op', so he's out of action for a while, but knowing him he will be back on the scene soon!!! We wish them both well and a speedy recovery.

Views of the new storage facility!
Photos; Brian M


Quite a few of us popped over to Hemsby yesterday to the Parklands Railway for an enjoyable afternoon where there was a good variety of trains out, and a tasty BBQ to enjoy. Nice to see plenty of folks there from several Clubs including Norwich, Halesworth and, of course, Ashmanhaugh. So plenty of chatting going on in between train rides! Hopefully Brian B's lovely A3 isn't too seriously 'ill' following a piston siezure during the afternoon????