Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Phew, Summer's Arrived !!!!

Lovely, lovely sunshine, lovely, but not too good to work in eh ????? 

                                               The locos ready for action last Wednesday evening 

We had a good visit the other evening from some 30 or so members, friends and families of the local RoSPA, IoAM and RoADAR Groups (think I've got them right ? but no doubt you will let me know if not!!!!), who enjoyed a very pleasant evening riding some trains and having a good look round and a chat, as well as a cuppa or two of course!!!. The Shay, Nelson and Thunderbox were on duty, excellent. Thank you for coming folks, nice to see you all, maybe we'll see you on one of our Public Open Days ????

We are expecting the Norfolk Railway Society on Thursday evening this week, and they are always an  interesting lot!!!!, we look forward to seeing them again!

..and of course, Sunday July 5th is our next Public Open Day, when trains will be running from 2 til 5pm, (weather permitting!). There could also be the sound of music drifting across the railway again, as the Norwich Accordion Band may well be playing for us again. Looking forward to enjoying a pleasant afternoon.  

Ray's happy now that Viceroy has it plates on !!!!