Thursday, 4 June 2015

June update

It's hard to believe we are almost halfway through the year already, is 'Someone' making the clock go quicker?????  We are busy, busy on the ALR, with lots of varied jobs going on, we seem to have time now to attend to some 'fine tuning' here and there, now that the major jobs are done, (well, almost???) although there are still the ongoing items to be done such as trackwork maintenance and gardening, to keep everything in good order.
The new open wagon has now been lettered up and looks very smart, and has also had basic removeable bench seats fitted across the sides so it can be used as an extra 'coach' when demand requires !!!! The two new 'Pullman' coaches are more or less complete with their nameplates and ALR ovals now fitted and very smart do they look too!

Wagon 53 all lettered up! 
One of the new Pullmans complete with nameplates
The timbers have arrived today to enable us to replenish our stock of spare track sleepering, and to construct the carriage storage 'leanto' at the side of the loco shed, and to line out the Ticket Office to make it a bit cosier on those colder days.

Several of us had a ride over to see our Friends at the Parklands Railway at Hemsby last week, where we enjoyed their welcoming hospitality once again, enjoying several rides behind some excellent, mostly, 'standard' gauge locos, which are always very impressive. (we did enjoy 'Elidir' tho' Pete! lovely loco, beautifully presented as always!!!) The venerable Model T Ford was stretching its legs too! A thoroughly enjoyable day! Thanks Guys......

A magnificent 'Evening Star'!

and one or two faces you might recognise, ready for a trip !
All photos: Brian M

So, all should be out and about on Sunday (7th) for our June Public Open Day, when we gather the weather will be good, so we are looking forward to seeing you and having an enjoyable afternoon, who know what train formations will be out and about ???? 

Oh, and 2300 has some new plates ! now called 'Chieftain!!!! very smart !
 Bye for now !