Monday, 4 May 2015

Great weekend !!

The Norwich Accordion Band
Photo: Brian M
Hi there, we are happy Boys and Girls after a 'spiffing' weekend on the ALR. On Saturday, and what a glorious day that was, sunny and warm, wow!, we had the first of our visiting locos days which saw four locos coming to the railway for a 'playday'! There was that lovely Hunslet of Pete's from the Norwich Club, two great diesels with Richard and Charlie, also from the Norwich Club, and Bob's super little Great Western tank with its lovely MOY driving 'trailer', very authentic, from the Parklands Railway at Hemsby. So, we had a good day, gave us chance to get into 'operating 'mode' too, and I think, well I know, our visitors really enjoyed their time at the ALR, thanks for coming Chaps!. 

Our visiting locos displayed in the station
Photo: Richard Neale

Pete and his Hunslet ready for a run round the circuit
Photo: Brian M

Bob trundles through the station with his GWR tank
Photo: Brian M
So, an excellent day all round, looking forward to the next one in June when our friends from the Halesworth Club are coming across for a 'Play'!!!!
Then on Sunday, our first Public Open Day this year, we were slightly worried in the morning as it was absolutely lashing it down, lots of rain, triffic!, but we soldiered on and got everything ready.......and fortunately the Railway Gods were on our side, and as predicted by some weather forecasters, the rain stopped at about 1.30, and out came the sun! Thank you!!!! We had a steady stream of visitors during the afternoon, who were entertained by a varied programme of musical delights produced by the Norwich Accordion Band, which gave the railway a lovely atmosphere for us all to enjoy. Our visitors were taken round the circuits by a selection of locos including, Isabel, Thunderbox, The Shay, 2300 (out for its first Open Day), Sargeant (well done Ken!) and, of course, General, and they all behaved themselves! The revised Yard layout worked, well with the a 'Yard Boss' in charge, which we were pleased with.......... and we met some very interesting people, so thanks for coming, twas a good afternoon!