Friday, 1 May 2015

ALRC Locomotive No.9: Viceroy

The loco was completed about the year 2000 by Norman Charles, a chartered engineer who was trained in the Merchant Navy, came ashore and worked for Green & Siley Weir, ship repairers for the rest of his working life. The loco was used at Canvey Island from Easter to October each year, and ran every Sunday morning until three years ago (2012) when Norman died.

Norman lived in Leigh-on-Sea, where Peggy his widow still lives, and he built a number of locos - a Tich, a Maisie, a Stanier 2-6-4 tank, a 0-6-0 Sweet Pea (now in Norfolk) and Viceroy. He also made a number of hot air engines and other stationary engines.

 The loco was acquired by John Dabson who based it at the Parklands Railway at Hemsby where it was used regularly until John passed away in 2014. The loco was then bought by Ray King, a member or the ALRC. It arrived at Ashmanhaugh in August 2014 where it received attention including a thorough overhaul and repaint in the smart blue livery seen in the photo above in the ALR loco shed. A new chassis for the driving trailer together with new driving wheels was fabricated in the ALR workshop during the early part of 2015.

 The loco is powered by a Bosch 24 volt motor via chain drives onto all four axles and uses a 4QD controller. The loco has an electric horn and has been fitted with front and rear lights.