Thursday, 21 May 2015

Happy days !!!

We do have some fun days and yesterday was a good 'un! Lots going on but always time for a laugh or two!!!!

now here's an ALR Classic.....Look and Learn!!!!!!

and a  first ! our very own sleeper car ????? or are we going into the 'undertaking' business?????

2300 takes the new 'Pullman' coach on a test trip around the circuit with the new open wagon following. Photos: Brian M.
Tee hee.....TTFN !

Monday, 18 May 2015

Hello there

Last Wednesday evening saw us welcome a goodly turnout of members, families and friends from the Norwich Club on their, now, annual visit to the railway. We ran a few trains, had a few chats, had a few cuppas and a few biccys!!!. A nice evening all round, though it did get a bit chilly later,
We had a track 'tweak' to do following Stewart's little loco wanting to go 'walkies' off rails just leaving the station, but this was soon put right on Saturday, when we also got lots of other jobs done! 

John and Ray working on the errant bit of track

then watch as 'Hotspur' slowly steams through, sucessfully! 
Our new coaches are being painted in posh 'Pullman' brown & cream, the platform fencing is getting a spruce up as is the signal box. The boys had Hotspur out for a run round or two to check all is well, it just about is !!!!!, and our local Cuckoo is 'cuckooing' its head off, lovely.

Clyde and Richard (honest, it is them!) on platform fencing painting duties
The members have given the go ahead to construct a lean to storage shed alongside the loco shed to house the new coaches and wagons, as we are running out of storage space again!!! We remember thinking when we started to install 90 feet of track in the top workshop, that would be plenty, how wrong would we be!!!!!   

Monday, 4 May 2015

Great weekend !!

The Norwich Accordion Band
Photo: Brian M
Hi there, we are happy Boys and Girls after a 'spiffing' weekend on the ALR. On Saturday, and what a glorious day that was, sunny and warm, wow!, we had the first of our visiting locos days which saw four locos coming to the railway for a 'playday'! There was that lovely Hunslet of Pete's from the Norwich Club, two great diesels with Richard and Charlie, also from the Norwich Club, and Bob's super little Great Western tank with its lovely MOY driving 'trailer', very authentic, from the Parklands Railway at Hemsby. So, we had a good day, gave us chance to get into 'operating 'mode' too, and I think, well I know, our visitors really enjoyed their time at the ALR, thanks for coming Chaps!. 

Our visiting locos displayed in the station
Photo: Richard Neale

Pete and his Hunslet ready for a run round the circuit
Photo: Brian M

Bob trundles through the station with his GWR tank
Photo: Brian M
So, an excellent day all round, looking forward to the next one in June when our friends from the Halesworth Club are coming across for a 'Play'!!!!
Then on Sunday, our first Public Open Day this year, we were slightly worried in the morning as it was absolutely lashing it down, lots of rain, triffic!, but we soldiered on and got everything ready.......and fortunately the Railway Gods were on our side, and as predicted by some weather forecasters, the rain stopped at about 1.30, and out came the sun! Thank you!!!! We had a steady stream of visitors during the afternoon, who were entertained by a varied programme of musical delights produced by the Norwich Accordion Band, which gave the railway a lovely atmosphere for us all to enjoy. Our visitors were taken round the circuits by a selection of locos including, Isabel, Thunderbox, The Shay, 2300 (out for its first Open Day), Sargeant (well done Ken!) and, of course, General, and they all behaved themselves! The revised Yard layout worked, well with the a 'Yard Boss' in charge, which we were pleased with.......... and we met some very interesting people, so thanks for coming, twas a good afternoon!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Isabel (No 8)

ALRC Locomotive No 8: Isabel 

This loco, an 0-4-0 ‘Romulus, with a copper boiler, was built in 1972 by J Crisp and Alec Farmer. The history of the loco is unclear but it was bought eventually by a friend of Ray Gurney’s, and the loco was used at the Canvey Island Club, before being purchased by John Dabson following Ray’s death. The loco was bought by two ALRC members in April 2012 when it was brought to the ALR.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Chieftain (No 2300)

ALRC Locomotive No 2300: Chieftain

This loco, built by ALRC member David Jones in his home workshop, was completed in early 2015 and brought to the railway in April of the same year. It is a battery-powered freelance modern diesel design, built on a steel plate chassis using two Ride On Railways-powered bogies, and having pre-coloured aluminium foam sandwich body panels. The loco has been fitted with an MTronics diesel (Class 37) sound unit, and is also has with a rear view camera.

The loco is used regularly at Open Days and on other occasions and is very powerful, capable of hauling the heaviest of ALR trains.

Friday, 1 May 2015

ALRC Locomotive No.9: Viceroy

The loco was completed about the year 2000 by Norman Charles, a chartered engineer who was trained in the Merchant Navy, came ashore and worked for Green & Siley Weir, ship repairers for the rest of his working life. The loco was used at Canvey Island from Easter to October each year, and ran every Sunday morning until three years ago (2012) when Norman died.

Norman lived in Leigh-on-Sea, where Peggy his widow still lives, and he built a number of locos - a Tich, a Maisie, a Stanier 2-6-4 tank, a 0-6-0 Sweet Pea (now in Norfolk) and Viceroy. He also made a number of hot air engines and other stationary engines.

 The loco was acquired by John Dabson who based it at the Parklands Railway at Hemsby where it was used regularly until John passed away in 2014. The loco was then bought by Ray King, a member or the ALRC. It arrived at Ashmanhaugh in August 2014 where it received attention including a thorough overhaul and repaint in the smart blue livery seen in the photo above in the ALR loco shed. A new chassis for the driving trailer together with new driving wheels was fabricated in the ALR workshop during the early part of 2015.

 The loco is powered by a Bosch 24 volt motor via chain drives onto all four axles and uses a 4QD controller. The loco has an electric horn and has been fitted with front and rear lights.