Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happiness is !!

Well Spring certainly is here and we are just enjoying this lovely April sunshine!!!. Jobs progress but we are having some fun too, One of our members celebrated his three score and ten'th Birthday (you can work it out for yourself!) last Saturday, at the railway with a BBQ, train rides, lots of lovely sunshine, lots of lovely people and lots of lovely food and drinks, excellent! We all had a good time.
....and whilst on the 'Happy' theme, the photos show two of our most Senior members enjoying their locos recently in the Spring Ashmanhaugh sunshine, good to see !

Happy Boys Ray and Dave with No 2300, Viceroy and The Shay
Photos: Brian M
....oh ! and don't forget, next Sunday May 3rd is our first Open Day of the year, and as well as the usual trains (who knows what will be running.....most hopefully!) and nice friendly atmosphere, we are welcoming the Norwich Accordion Band to provide some background music on a variety of themes we gather, should be good. Trains should be running from 2 til 5 pm, maybe see you then????


Sunday, 12 April 2015

A new arrival

We were very pleased yesterday, to welcome another loco to be based at the ALR, a battery electric that has been built by one of our members in his garage over the winter. The loco, No. 2300, has an 'American'  look with a Santa Fe style colour scheme which looks very impressive, as you can see from the photos. She (? the loco is unofficially 'Tess', but we're not too sure who Tess is.  yet ??!!!), had a little preliminary trundle yesterday once the power bogies (Ride On Railways), and all the various bits were put together, to ensure all the wheels were turning in the right direction at the same time (they did, eventually)! So, we are looking forward to seeing this loco in action, to see what she can pull, plenty we think, and will provide yet another 'different' loco on the ALR for us all to enjoy.
Yesterday saw us running one or two trains to check out the track, signalling, track circuiting and one or two locos to get us in 'operating' mode following our winter break. The two new coaches are coming on well in the workshop, as is the open wagon.

Only three weeks to go before our first Open Day !!!!!

No.2300 at its new home on 11th April 2015


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wor a lode of ole squit Boy!!!!

Ah! what's this then ?????
Whilst clearing away some dense vegetation adjacent to the track in the 'boondocks' at the Railway recently, a small corrugated tin building was found, which seemed to be quite old. On closer inspection it appeared to be the entrance to some sort of mine with railway tracks leading up to it. You can see from the attached photos that the old signs on the structure clearly identify it as the entrance to a ‘Squit mine’!!
We are all very intrigued at this find. We have all often encountered the phrase of “That’s just a load of old squit” in these parts, but we never dreamt that we would find the apparent source of it ??????

and, it is very interesting to note that we appear to have found Mine No 2, so where is Mine No 1?? Do you know ? If so we would be delighted to hear from you !

                                                  I'ts bin there a while????