Friday, 27 February 2015

Spring Is Nearly Here!

Hello....we have been so lucky in this part of our lovely country with the weather this Winter, and while it is being kind to us, we are cracking on with lots of jobs so we are ready for this year's operations!
We decided to build two more coaches to help out on busy Open Days and the chassis's (what is the plural?) are on site and red leaded, as is the one for a bogie open wagon that is to be built as well. The bogies and bearings are on site and the timber for the bodies is ordered !!!!

Above, the two new coach chassis 'red leaded', with the bogie wagon chassis on the track, already with a coat of black 'Hammerite' applied,  and below, three of the bogie frames ready for bearings to be fitted.

The new wheels for 'Viceroy', the latest addition to our loco stud, have been turned and the final profiling with them fitted on the axles is in progress.We have also decided to construct two new bogies for the driving tender so they are compatible and suitable for the running that will take place on our railway.
The platform bench seats are being sanded down and given a preservative stain so they will be posh for 2015, and we have two more metal end frames for some keen volunteer to make up another one !!!! (materials provided!!!)

The platform benches being sanded.

Tree and bush trimming continues so that the work in keeping the greenery under control during the summer, will be much easier, and it has the additional benefit of opening up the views somewhat.

The vegetation piles up as the Boys work through trees and bushes adjacent to the main line just outside the station area.
All photos: Brian M

The timber mould for fibreglassing a new water tank (for Isabel) is ready for the tank to be formed, which will give twice as much water capacity than before, which has got to be good.....and on the water subject, we have cut a large hole in the top of the water storage tank at Laurel Sidings, with a detachable lid so we can get in and clean it out regularly, (golly, you should have seen the 'crud' that came out !!!!) as we have had trouble with blocked injectors, due to too much of the afore mentioned 'crud' (polite expression) getting through the filters. 
New for 2015 on the railway, as we are not offering Birthday Parties this year, is the opportunity for visiting locos to come and play on certain days through the year, so we can also run our trains and have some fun, without the pressure of coping with our Public Open Day demands. Looking forward to those, and we have already got several eager requests to come and have some fun!
...and we are taking our display stand to the Dereham Model Railway Exhibition on Saturday (28th Feb), maybe we might see you there ? do stop by for a chat, we do like to 'mardle' !!!!!!


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

All Joined Up !

Well, the revised trackwork down at Laurel Sidings is now all connected up, thanks to some sterling work by Brackers and his helpers, who have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks in progressing the work to this stage, where we can once again move stock in and around the yard to attend to the annual maintenance that needs to be done. Final work is now being concentrated on the revised signalling installations to the area, which is going to give us a very comprehensive yard area to cope with our ever increasing rolling stock and visiting engines.