Thursday, 22 January 2015

Easy peasy! ????

Hello.... So here is the solution to the intriguing puzzle we told you about recently..., very clever!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 here we come!

Hello......we have welcomed 2015 with a gusto of activity, from a good member turnout, (working off the Christmas pud ?!!!!), with several jobs in progress. The revised track installation down at the Laurel Sidings area is coming along well, with the 3 way point being installed together with the revised/additional signal wiring and new point levers being worked on.


                                                                Brackers and Ray working on the revised trackwork at Laurel sidings

There will be a 'feather' signal on the main line signal post, to indicate which route is set, either mainline or into the sidings, a new colour light signal controlling movements off the shed area, (made on site, all our own work!), with the current 'disc' being moved up to the end of the new 'headshunt' siding where it rejoins the mainline just before the green tunnel.

The Pond Boys making the colour light signal

We have taken the water pump of Lucille to take with us to the London Model Engineering Exhibition (a car load of us going down), so we can 'source' a larger output (or throughput?) model. Looking forward to that, will be a good day, and we wonder what mysterious 'goodies' will appear in the car for the journey home? (Well I just had to have one ! Couldn't resist, what a bargain!!!!).
Chris came out to advise us on how to make up the mould for Isabel's new fibreglass water tank that he is going to make for us, which will be almost twice the size of the present one.We are making a couple of new, hinged, doors for the trackside electrical cabinets, so Brackers can get in to install some more electrical 'gubbins'. A leaf gathering session was partook of on Wednesday, to keep the track and grass side areas clear (until the wind blows the next lot about !) good excercise this !!!! and some additional buffer stops have been made and painted up ready to install down at Laurel sidings once all the revised trackwork is done. So, plenty going on, and as you can imagine, the workshop gets pretty crowded at times !!!!!

and now for something completely different ????? puzzle of the month!
There we were sat having a cuppa, chewing the cud, as we doooo, and young Ben says, Ok Guys,  here's a good one for you, how do you balance all these 14 nails on the centre one, mmm???

So, you have to balance all the 14 nails seen here, 7 each side of the block, on the nail in the centre.. all the nails are removable from the block. but the 14 must be balanced on the centre one in the block when you are is possible, honest !!!!
see how you get on....answers soon......!!!!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!

We would like to wish you all, wherever you are, a very happy, healthy, prosperous and enjoyable 2015...........

From all The ALR Gang !