Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Merry Christmas !

Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas !

Joyeux Noel !
                        Buon Natale !
                                                God Jul !
                                                                   Vrolijk Kerstfeest !
                                             Vesele Vanoce !
Feliz Navidad !
                             Frohe Weinachten !
                                                                       Feliz Natale !

                                                           Happy Christmas !

We would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
from all the ALR Gang !

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pre Christmas Fun !

General waiting in the Layby Siding ready for a run.
Hi there, we were very pleased last week when record number of members, and their families met at a favourite local Hostelry, (the Brick Kilns Pub and Restaurant at Little Plumstead) to enjoy some lovely food and a very pleasant evening.(well done to all the staff there, and of course our 'Social Secretary for arranging it all!)
Chieftain about to depart with JP in the driving seat !

Yesterday we had a great turnout of Club members (16), for a bit of a Fun Day before we head off to do all the 'Christmas' stuff.... the lining out of the ticket office is almost complete with the final wall panels and beading to be fixed, then it will receive some paint treatment so it will all be posh for next year's Open Days. There may even be some cosy floor coverings !!!!!!! 
'Hotspur' is stripped down to its chassis and Ray has 'freed' the pistons which has allowed the wheels to turn, so now we will have a look at the motion and valve timing in the New Year to get the loco back into good running order.
Thunderbox with a short set! coming into 'Den' section with John driving
All photos: Brian M

There was a good selection of sausage rolls available (hot ones, thanks Jane and John !), plus mince pies and an assortment of nibbles to enjoy during the day, in between running a few trains. 'General' came out with its 'Class 31' sound unit performing well from the speakers that Graham has fitted, 'Chieftain' did a few laps (with its new little 'engineer' in the cab!), as did 'Thunderbox' which is now running well following the carburettor tweaks that the Boys 'engineered !
So an enjoyable day was had , as they say, by one and all!

Some of the Gang wondering what to do next !!!!


Thursday, 3 December 2015

It's December already!

Autumn at Ashmanhaugh

Hello.....time is flying by and another year is nearly over, so to make sure we are ready for next year's running!!!!, we are getting on with several jobs. We are pleased that 'Isabel' succesfully passed her Hydraulic and Steam tests on Wednesday, so she is 'certificated' again following her recent 'mishap'. Our thanks to Brian R and Charlie for their attentions, we are grateful for their time and expertise. We still have one or two things to attend to such as refitting tender springing after we changed her wheels, so the ride is smoother, together with one or two minor tweaks, then she can be settled down for the Winter. Lucille is OK, we just need to test that her electric water pump, fitted recently, is working OK, then she too can be 'wintered'. We are still having problems with 'Hotspur' unfortunately, with some locking up of the wheels for some reason that is not obvious, so the loco will have to be stripped down to the chassis so Charlie can take it away to determine what the problem is, hopefully not too serious ! Very frustrating as the loco has never been 'right' since we had it reboilered.....hey ho .
Thunderbox is having a serious carburettor upgrade, and hopefully will be fit for action again soon. 

'Thunderbox' receiving close attention in 't pit.
No major problems with the rest of the stock, so just routine maintenance over the Winter.
Trackwork tweaking continues with some sleeper replacement down by the lake, the signals are all in and being checked.
We have been very pleased to welcome Richard, out gardening 'Guru' back at the railway after his accident earlier in the year, he is mobile again and doing good! Two or three other members have been having 'medical' problems recently and all are attending and doing what they can, so it is good to see them, and hopefully their time at the railway will be a boost to them as the 'crack' has been very good recently! Must be the surroundings and all this mild weather ?????

...and on the subject of surroundings, we know we are very lucky to be able to play in such a lovely spot, so it was really good to see that the holiday cottages on site have once again reached the final three in the Norfolk Tourism Awards, at the annual, prestigious event held earlier in the week, so well done to Jane for all her hard work (& JP tooo of course!!!) So if you fancy staying in these superb Cottages, visit Jane's website for further details, (www.eastviewfarm.co.uk), and if you do come we would be delighted to show you round the railway and treat you to a ride !!!!!!!

Our Annual Christmas dinner will be held in a favourite local Hostelry next week, so we are looking forward to seeing most of our members, wives, partners, sons, daughters, friends etc etc etc, there, to enjoy another good night out!   We are also planning a 'minibus' visit to the Model Engineering Exhibition in January at the AllyPally in London, and are looking forward to a good old razzle round, trying not to spend too much on stuff that we don'r really need, but must have!!!! and we are lining up some more 'visiting loco days, together with some 'fun days' when we can all enjoy our railway.We are also taking our 'publicity' stand to various Model Railway exhibitions in the New Year and look forward to meeting up with friends old and new! and this evening (Thursday) we have been invited to the Norfolk Railway Society's 60th Anniversary celebrations, so looking forward to that too!!!! 
Think that's about all for now, phew !

All photos: Brian M


Thursday, 12 November 2015

More pottering

Lovely Autumn colours
We continue to get on with the various jobs that we need to do now that our running season is over, hopefully before any 'bad' weather sets in. It's still very mild and a lovely sunny day again (Thursday 10th Nov), today. The coaches are more or less serviced, with just the three trucks to look at, Nelson is receiving some attention, General is scheduled for a tweak or three, as is Thunderbox. Chieftain is OK, as is Viceroy and Sergeant. The Shay is OK too. Lucille is serviceable, and we have just fitted an electric water pump, as used on the locos of our Friends from Suffolk, (thanks Guys, good plan!) and it worked extremely well when tested the other day, so the plan is to fit one to Lucille and Hotspur too. Isabel is due for her hydraulic and steam test shortly so she will be 'certificated' again, and we look forward to her working well next season, she is a lovely loco.
The track 'gang' are busy replacing the edging boards round the lake, well not actually round the lake but the trackbed around the lake perimeter if you get my drift!!!

Ray and John track working lakeside
and we have been accommodating the battery and electric pump housings on Isabel, and refitting the seat with a strong backrest to make the driving position more comfortable. Not sure about the arm rests and the bar area tho !!!!!!

Nelson and Isabel having attention from JP, Dave and John
We had a good Annual General Meeting last Saturday during which next year's Open Day dates were agreed (see across) and we look forward to seeing you all then!!!!!


Autumn is lovely ??

All photos;Brian M

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pottering time !

The Gnomes being collected for their trip into the warm from a leafy Tunnel!

Driverless 'General' trundles into the station
Yesterday was a bit damp, a gloomy, mild, Autumn day which gave us the chance to have more than a bit of a 'mardle', and a few relaxing cuppas during the morning, during which time several 'good ' ideas were tabled !!!!! (some we might do, some we might not !!!!) Then the rain stopped, so we popped out with General (in quiet mode!), the open wagon and a coach, to take in the signs, the gnomes and the fairies, which are all now stored away for the winter in the shed, cosy and warm!!!! The signals and the cameras will follow soon, all being checked and 'maintained' as necessary before also being stored away for the Winter.;

Cleaning time for the signs before being stored away
Photos: Brian M
We have made a start on the carriage maintenance, with the locos to follow, and there is plenty of 'tweaking' to do out on the track, so that will keep us occupied, but no pressure !!!!  and we must see if we can get the 'Ticket office' lined out too !!!!!!

Have  a good Halloween and Bonfire night, keep safe !!


A night time photo of  'Little Olive' resting during the October running day
Photo: Chris Bedwell

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fun Running in the dark !

Our Four visitors with their lovely locos ready for action!
Photo: Brian M
We had a great day on Saturday when our Friends from Suffolk came over ....again!!!! (I do believe they like it at the ALR!)....with their two 'Sweet Williams' , (Holkham and Little Olive), and the 'Romulus', 'Remus'. After a leaf clearing (nice leaves!) session with the help of our leaf blower machine, (wonderful piece of kit, if a little noisy!!!!), we ran lots of trains during the afternoon into the dark, which is very spooky and great fun with the red and green signal lights showing well in the darkness. 'General', 'The Shay', and 'Chieftain' came out to play too. We had a good turnout of some 25 happy folks and a good time was had for our last running session for the year, a great way to finish.We also enjoyed very tasty Fish and Chips from the local Chippie which rounded the evening off nicely.
We were impressed with the electric pumps the guys had fitted to their Sweet Williams and will be trying the idea on our steamers, which certainly make filling the boiler and topping up if injectors are playing up, easy!!!! We were also impressed with the LED lighting strips used on the locos which are very effective......Well done Chasps!! 
We are pleased to report that Isabel was steamed up succesfully on Wednesday and had a little trundle round 'Tunnel' section. All seems well apart from a couple of tweaks required, so once they are sorted we will be able to get the loco certificated again, good news!.
We have also put separate 12 volt batteries on General and Chieftain to prevent battery draining problems we encountered on Open Day after the sound units were fitted, both working nicely, great sounds !!!!

Young George in charge of things in the Signal Box
Photo: Jane Dewbery

You don't often get a photo of the Shay with Yours Truly driving !! Looks a bit serious?
Photo: Jane Dewbery


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happy Sun Day !!

'Remus' and 'Holkham' in view from the station
We had a lovely afternoon for our last Open Day for this year with lots of happy visitors (and Operating crews!) enjoying the  lovely sunshine. Thank you all for coming, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves on this lovely Autumn day. All went more or less OK, just a couple of 'whoopsies', but nothing desperate, so we were happy Boys and Girls! Our Friends from Suffolk came over again with 'Holkham' and 'Remus', (think they enjoyed themselves ???!!!), and we used Lucille, General, Thunderbox, The Shay, Chieftain, and Sergeant during the afternoon, so there was a good variety to please our visitors, and us ! We are quite impressed, as we hope our visitors were ?, with the sound units (MTronics) we have fitted to 'Chieftain' (Class 37 sound) and General (Class 31 sound), they certainly bring the locos to life, although it is good to be able to turn them off if you wish !!!!! (and, of course if we get fed up with those we can always buy more 'chips' with different sounds !!!! very impressive )

'Thunderbox'  on its way past the signal box
So, onwards with the tidying up and winter maintenance over the coming months, we have our last loco visiting day next weekend which will enable us to have another fun day with our Suffolk Friends, running into the dark, followed by F and C from the local chippie, looking forward to it!

'Chieftain' comes past the headshunt at Laurel Sidings
All photos: Brian M


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Much Fun Time !

A busy station area during our 'Play' afternon
Photos: Richard Neale
Hi, we are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labours over the past 15 years .(! yep, really). Last Saturday we decided to run some trains after lunch as it was such a lovely day, but instead of just running trains around the usual circuits, we thought it would be fun to introduce a bit of variety into the session. So the drivers (and Guards) were asked to drop off a wagon here, pick up a coach there, drop another here, shunt the wagons into a siding etc etc etc. It was chaos, but great fun and we had a great time trying to sort it all out! Most of the stock ended up in the station area, when we stopped for a cuppa, where it was quite congested!!!!. Anyway all agreed that it was great fun and with a bit more 'forethought' we could have some really good running sessions, and we will definitely be doing that again!
Work continues on replacing track edging boards where they are rotting or damaged, concentrating at the moment in the Lake area. 2" deep treated boards are being inserted instead of the 4" deep ones we have used in the past, and the electric saw has been very busy cutting many, many pegs to hold the boards in place.
'Viceroy' in charge of the 'work train' last Wednesday
Another exciting event is that 'Chieftain' now has a sound unit fitted (good work yesterday Boys!) and it really brings the loco to life!. We were all very impressed with Roy Hollingsworth's excellent Class 40 when he visited, in which he had fitted an 'MTronics' sound module, and so DJ decided to obtain one for 'Chieftain, think he is a bit pleased !!!!!!
If you come along to our last Open Day for this year on Sunday (4th October) 2 til 5 pm, you will be able to hear it. Can you identify which loco sound it is? (we'll give you a clue, it's a British loco!!). We have two visiting steam locos again, so plenty of variety and the weather forecast is promising so we are hoping for a good afternoon.
Maybe we'll see you there ?????

'Chieftain' having its sound module fitted


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Little Melton Light Railway

When we are proudly showing visitors round the ALR, mention is always made, deservedly, of the Little Melton Light Railway, without which, the ALR would not be anything like the railway you see today...!  So a few words about this wonderful railway, we hope will be enlightening to our readers and may trigger some happy memories (and photos, not many about??) (with acknowledgments to Bob Brett for  abstracts from his booklet about the line and several photocopy updates from persons unknown. Thank you!)

The LMLR was the brainchild of Bob Brett who lived at Vine Cottage, Little Melton, Norwich, where the railway was constructed, from 1986. Initially, wooden ash rails on cedar sleepers were tried at 
10 1/4 gauge for about 200 yards, but this was unsuccessful and so aluminium track with keruing sleepers on granite was built at 71/4 gauge, starting in November 1987,  with approx 5000 feet completed by April 1988.
Various contacts were made to help Bob with trackwork, buildings, landscaping, signals and rolling stock. The first loco to be built for the line was ‘Thunderbox’ by David King (using Sweet Chestnut) along with 3 coaches, using elm. These were ready by February 1989.  At this stage there was approx ¾ mile of track. There was also another loco, ‘ Alice’, but we have no details...
An opening ceremony was held on 22nd and 23rd April 1989, with Bob’s mother cutting the tape, and the proceeds from the two days were donated to the Little Melton Church Organ Fund and the West Norfolk Seal Rescue charities. The line opened once a month to raise money for a wide variety of Charities and many thousands of pounds were raised  over the years, until the line closed in 2001.
In 1990 another line was laid from the station to a terminus near the Old Piggeries Tearoom which involved a 50 foot long curved trestle over a pond.
In 1991 Edwin Peck had completed ‘Sir Matthew Pilgrim’ a wooden ‘Shay’ locomotive, and Norman Duffield and Reg Ives built ‘General’ (24volt 1 hp motor with petrol engine powering a generator to charge the battery (s), and by then a third set of coaches had been completed.

In 1996 an additional line , the Paddock line, was laid  from Melton Wood Junction, running through woodland in a large figure of eight back into the station. for about ¼ of a mile, giving a total track length of over a mile. A new loco, ‘Big Ben’(big yellow American outline  diesel?) was built by Malcolm Cox for his son, Alex, being petrol powered, driving a hydraulic pump supplying two independent bogie mounted hydraulic motors driving 8 wheels, a powerful loco (no photos?)
In 1997, Norman Duffield and Reg Ives had a steam loco ‘Hotspur’ built by a Northampton company.(named in honour of Reg and sister Margaret (Duffield)’s father who drove a Brittannia Class  loco on the Norwich to London Line in the late 1950’s.

As well as the monthly charity events the line ran Father Christmas Specials in December each year and also ran ‘Birthday Specials’ and ‘specials’ for handicapped youngsters. One note seen records that as at April 1999, the LMLR’s 10th year, nearly £13.000 had been raised for various Charities and some 34.670 passengers carried, with the record being 811 in April 1999!

The Brett family were a well known local family specialising in timber and ran over the years, North Heigham Cabinet Works in Paddock Street Norwich, Heigham Sawmills, Bretts Antique and Reproduction furniture (St Giles Norwich), Looses in Magdelan Street Norwich, and  Bretts Retail Furniture Store in St Benedicts Norwich.
Bob who never married, sadly passed away at his home, Vine Tree Cottage, in July 2001, aged 64, after a  long battle with cancer, leaving a sister, Julie Champeney

A fine railway, sadly missed. We will always be grateful to Norman, Reg and the Champeneys for their help and co-operation in enabling the Ashmanhaugh Light Railway to be created. We would also be delighted to hear from you if you have any photos or interesting recollections of the line.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Another Happy Day!

Steaming up on Sunday
We had a lovely, happy, sunny Open Day last Sunday, with lots of happy people enjoying the 'ambience'!. All went well with help from our Suffolk based Friends (thanks again for coming Guys!), with their Romulus, 'Remus', and 'Little Olive' of Sweet William genre (don't know what it means but it sounds posh!). 

'Little Olive' coming off Lake section

'Remus' approaching  the shed area
Our Lucille joined in (well drived Keith!), together with General, Thunderbox, The Shay, and Chieftain, so seven out of ten aint bad eh?
We hope the soft seated Pullmans went down well ?

'Chieftain' coming thro the trees in 'Den' section
So, just one more to go and that's it for another year, on with the maintenance, the tweaking and  the improving! Our evening running session with fish and chips is eagerly anticipated, and we have booked our 'you know what' meal at a local Hostelry in December, where has this year gone?
Think that's all for now, see you soon


'Thunderbox' in the station
All photos: Brian M

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn Has Arrived !

Two coach sets resting comfortably in the newly completed lean to storage shed 
Hi there, yes, it feels very 'Autumnal' now with cooler evenings and a good dew on the grass early morning, we've seen quite a lot of rain too, so we look round on these rainy days for inside jobs to keep us occupied ! or make another brew and have a 'mardle' !!!!
Isabel's boiler is sucessfully repaired, we are happy to report, so the loco is being re-assembled so that she can undergo a steam test to get her  new boiler certificate.The new tender wheels and axles are fitted and the new water tank  is also being installed in the tender.
Thunderbox has been having 'tweaks' to its carburettor needle, in an attempt to cure a flat spot in the revs. Might have to get a new one (needle that is) if that doesn't work, but it is much better.
The new coaches have had some cushions made so they will be comfy for our visitors on Sunday (Yes, don't forget Open Day Sunday 6th September......2 til 5 pm!!!! ). Should have ten locos available, as our Friends from Suffolk are coming with two, and we hope to have Lucille out as well ! Haven't seen her in action for a while !!!! We will have to see.
'Things' have been happening to 'Chieftain' too (pleased to see DJ out and about a bit!), small embellishments that you might be able to spot when you see the loco next !
Apart from that, gardening continues and track edging boards are being replaced where they are in need, and track tweaking continues.
Been reading some stuff recently about the Little Melton Railway that we came across a while ago, so hopefully will pen some abstracts for your info next time......

ALR Topiary ! our very own  F6  (GER G 69?)?
courtesy of Brackers

Monday, 17 August 2015

Fun days !

Bob's 0-4-2 ready to go
Hi, we had a good day on Saturday when some of our good friends from Hemsby came over with a couple of locos and had a fun day! Brian's smart little 'GER' tank 'might have been', had a good time, what a super loco this is, and with Brian's infectious enthusiasm, we had some laughs! 

Mr Baker and Mr Jones
Bob came over too with his super GWR tank, which also had a good run round once the shattered sight glass had been replaced! 

Bob replacing the sight glass in the loco shed pit with Brian R helping
We took the opportunity of carrying out some training with some of our members, so there were plenty of trains about!

George getting to know Nelson
Meanwhile, track tweaking continues, and whilst Isabel is 'laid up', the Boys are taking the opportunity of replacing the tender wheel axles and bearings, as the existing bearings were massive and 'caress' the track in some places which is obviously not a good thing ? We will also fit the larger tender water box we had made. Our local Engineer, Charlie, has, we hope, made good the leak on the loco and we await, anxiously, to see if all is well when Brian R tests it in the near future.
We have a running evening with a Fish & Chip Supper, planned for Members, families and invited guests in September, so we are looking forward to having an enjoyable time then! It's always fun to operate in the dark (some of us do that all the time!!!!!), so we thought we would make it a sociable evening.
Gardening work continues and we are pleased to say our Gardening 'Guru', Richard is making good progress after his recent accident, and DJ, our other 'recently out of Hospital' member, is out and about again  after his Op, which is good to see.
The Lodge (Ice cream Parlour !!!) has had a coat of paint and is looking smart, and one of the next jobs is to line out the Ticket Office to make this a bit cosier for our 'Sales Staff'!
Think that's about it g for now, keep smiling and see you soon?


Nice piccy ????

Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunny Sunday

We had a great Open Day on Sunday 2nd August, when the lovely warm sunshine enticed lots of lovely people to come and visit the railway, which saw us putting five trains out to keep the queues down ! Our two steam visitors, Remus and Little Olive were splendid and ran all afternoon without a hitch, and it was good to see the smiles on David and Chris' s faces, they were happy boys ! So we ran General, Chieftain, The Shay, Thunderbox and Sergeant, to help out too during the afternoon, and they all ran faultlessly as well, so everybody was happy !
Sorry no photos, but one forgot to take one's camera!!!! maybe next time?

Friday, 31 July 2015

Blimey , it's August now !!!! (just about)

Bob's interesting Romulus preparing for a run at Hemsby
Hi, can't believe how quickly this year is flying by, soon be 'you know what' !!!!!! time, so we have our 4th Public Open Day (we should really say afternoon???? ) this coming Sunday (2nd August, 2 til 5 pm). We have two visiting steam locos coming along to help us out and to provide some variety, (a 'Sweet William' and a 'Romulus', courtesy of Chris and Dave from deepest Suffolk!). We are looking forward to a good afternoon as the weather forecast is promising, so fingers crossed eh?
We have nearly finished the new lean to storage shed which just needs the door making (in progress!), and fitting, and then we can start to use it.....plenty of bush trimming going on, it's all still growing!!!! Richard, our Gardening 'guru' had a bit of a mishap last week when he slipped on the tunnel bank and did some damage to his knee which neccesitated an ambulance visit. The crew were impressive, when they saw the track, they wanted to know if the power was turned off and if there was a train likely !! (well, it could be arranged, we said!) They were excellent and got Richard sorted and into hospital where they have repaired the damage, and he is at home now twiddling his thumbs with his leg in plaster !!!, but in good spirits!!! Another of our members has just come out of hospital after an 'op', so he's out of action for a while, but knowing him he will be back on the scene soon!!! We wish them both well and a speedy recovery.

Views of the new storage facility!
Photos; Brian M


Quite a few of us popped over to Hemsby yesterday to the Parklands Railway for an enjoyable afternoon where there was a good variety of trains out, and a tasty BBQ to enjoy. Nice to see plenty of folks there from several Clubs including Norwich, Halesworth and, of course, Ashmanhaugh. So plenty of chatting going on in between train rides! Hopefully Brian B's lovely A3 isn't too seriously 'ill' following a piston siezure during the afternoon????


Monday, 13 July 2015

July update

General receiving attention
Hi, just back from a few days away, in North Norfolk, lovely!!!, so just to bring you up to date.....Lucille had a successful inspection and steam test on 1st July, so she's 'good to go' for another year, but Isabel is very unwell and needs some work to stem a steam leak adjacent to the firehole door, so, unfortunately this loco will be 'resting' for a while.
We welcomed our Friends from the Norfolk Railway Society on the evening of Thursday 2nd July, for their 'annual visit', and an enjoyable evening was had by all, several trains were out, the kettles were kept busy and plenty of chatting was enjoyed. Thanks for coming Folks, always good to see you!  
Then on Sunday 5th July we had our latest Open Day, although at one stage we were on the verge of cancelling as it was chucking it down, seriously !!!! but, we decided to hang on until 1 pm and see what the weather forecast promised then.....it promised  drier weather  so we decided to go for it, and it turned out to be quite a nice afternoon in the end. So, good decision, and thanks to all you nice visitors who came along, it was good to see you all, (and the bonus was that queues were nice and short !). We were especially pleased to welcome several prominent members of FOND (Friends of Norfolk Dialect) who had come along wanting to inspect the 'Squit Mine' entrance we had found ! A special train conveyed them to the site, where they were able to wonder at this unexpected find, and photos were took ! Think they were impressed, and wanted to know when we would be selling Victoria Sponge cake next so they could re visit then!!!

The entrance to Squit Mine No 1
We ran several locos during the afternoon, including General (with its new digital controller and handset, courtesy of Ride On Railways), fitted by the Guys and tested the day before), Thunderbox charged round nearly all afternoon as did Chieftain, The Shay came out to play, as did Nelson, Viceroy and Sergeant.  
Hotspur was steamed up, but was sulking so she was put away, in disgrace, the Medium Sized Controller was not happy, as some of our visitors wanted a ride behind the loco, sorry Folks ! So apart from that, all in all, a good afternoon was enjoyed by all......
Work has started on the construction of the lean to storage 'building' adjacent to the loco shed which will house coaches and wagons as the carriage shed is getting quite full (so where will I put my lovely American loco when I win the Lottery!!!! I ask ?????? can't possibly tell you what THEY say to me about that!!!!!!)....and of course the usual on going maintenance and gardening work continues......   


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Phew, Summer's Arrived !!!!

Lovely, lovely sunshine, lovely, but not too good to work in eh ????? 

                                               The locos ready for action last Wednesday evening 

We had a good visit the other evening from some 30 or so members, friends and families of the local RoSPA, IoAM and RoADAR Groups (think I've got them right ? but no doubt you will let me know if not!!!!), who enjoyed a very pleasant evening riding some trains and having a good look round and a chat, as well as a cuppa or two of course!!!. The Shay, Nelson and Thunderbox were on duty, excellent. Thank you for coming folks, nice to see you all, maybe we'll see you on one of our Public Open Days ????

We are expecting the Norfolk Railway Society on Thursday evening this week, and they are always an  interesting lot!!!!, we look forward to seeing them again!

..and of course, Sunday July 5th is our next Public Open Day, when trains will be running from 2 til 5pm, (weather permitting!). There could also be the sound of music drifting across the railway again, as the Norwich Accordion Band may well be playing for us again. Looking forward to enjoying a pleasant afternoon.  

Ray's happy now that Viceroy has it plates on !!!!