Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat !

Hi there, yes we are zooming along in December now and Santa will soon be here, bless him, however does he do it? 
We are skipping along too, with much effort being concentrated on the new trackwork for the Laurel sidings area. The 'Y' point is made and positioned, which will provide storage and easy access for the MOW (maintenance of way!) wagons, and the three way is nearly done, coming along nicely in the workshop.

Brackers, Ray and John working on the 3 way point

The track panels for the additional sidings behind the loco shed are made, and all will be connected once the three way is completed (soon!).

General view of Laurel sidings, with new facing point off mainline at lower left, new sidings track laid out at right, with the gap at bottom centre where the 3 way will go.

Brackers has been attending to the signal 'wiggly bits' one by one (some at home), to ensure all the electrical storm damage is rectified, and we have a 'posh' new telephone system installed (by Richard), which will give us additional extension capacity. Tis right up to date 'cos you can leave messages or music just in case the extension is busy!!!! Just like the real thing!!!! ......Hey can you just imagine the driver of a train stopped at Signal 10, waiting for another train to negotiate the flat crossing off Den section, ringing in to the signal box to report he has been stood there for yonks, when he hears.....'thank you for calling, your call is important to us, one of our operators will speak to you shortly. You are presently number 30 in a queue !!!! Could be interesting????
and of course we just can't not have a photo of Mr Ball admiring his handiwork (well, his and others it has to be said!) Sorry JP!
Photos: Brian M

So, we would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for coming to see us in 2014 and for following our website, we hope you have a lovely Christmas wherever you are and all the ALR Gang would like to wish you Health and Happiness for 2015.