Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Viceroy looking smart in the new livery
Well modern technology is wonderful, some might say, when it is working! Unfortunately the telephone and Broadband service that yours truly uses to circulate this Blog, has been, I think the expression is, 'down', for a week now, but now that it seems to be 'up' (????) again, we can bring you up to date with some ALR stuff!
We had a good Annual General meeting on 8th November during which and afterwards, in the 'Club members chat', we came up with some good, we think, decisions. We shall be continuing with our very popular Open Days on the first Sunday of the month from May through to October, albeit with a slight increase in ticket prices to help keep up with the ever increasing costs of running and maintaining the railway. We also would like to encourage more visiting locos to create more interest with our visitors and ourselves, now that the circuits with the signalling and track circuiting are well proven! We will continue to offer the 'Footplate Experience ' sessions, but in a slightly different and longer format, at the same price. However, it has been decided that there will be no Birthday Parties in 2015.
There is a strong possibility that we shall build a further two coaches to help to ease the queues a bit during Open Days, ensuring that there is always a spare set ready to go. We also have the prospect of another loco coming to live at Ashmanhaugh, as one of our members is currently building, in his home workshop, an American outline diesel loco, 24 v battery powered, which should be a powerful loco using the excellent power bogies from Paul at Ride On Railways, whose interesting Romford workshop was visited by three of us recently to collect the bogies. We look forward to seeing the loco in action! Ray's Viceroy has received its new paint scheme now and is looking very smart, which with one or two more 'embellishments' is going to be another welcome addition to the ALR fleet.
On the jobs front, we have excavated and ballasted the area for the two new sidings at the back of the loco shed, and the Boys have been busy making up track panels for this area. Rainwater gutters are to be fitted to the loco shed so the rainwater (considerable after a downpour!) can be disposed of via a new soakaway in the trees. (well not actually in the tress but in the ground amongst!!!!)

The Boys get to grips with the new soakaway!
Coach maintenance is underway and the loco inspections are also in progress so we can assess what needs to be done before the 2015 Open Days start. Gardening work continues as always, and Richard has been doing a bit of planting in the 'wildlife areas to make them more colourful.
...and as the Festive Season approaches, we look forward to our annual Christmas meal in a local well used hostelry with some 30 members family and friends booked to attend

 We dig it out, we assemble the track panels and then we place it in position !  next!!!
All photos: Brian M