Thursday, 30 October 2014

Baby It's Dark Outside!

Well it is, very early, now that the clocks have been put back, but it's still very mild so that's a good thing.We are putting things away and getting into our Winter maintenance routine now. The steam locos are drained and tucked up cosy and warm in the top workshop, along with Nelson and a coach just in case we want to do some running while the track to Laurel Sidings is severed whilst we install the longer siding there. We are also going to put in a couple of sidings to the rear of the loco shed for additional storage, which will also give extra 'steaming' roads on Open Days when there are several steam locos being fired up!. There will also be a short siding installed off Track 1 to accommodate the wagons so they can be 'got out' at any time without having to move stock out of the shed.
The biggest job at the moment is to remedy the damage done to the track, signal and pointwork electrics, following a severe electrical storm we experienced about three weeks ago.The Guys are slowly working through the system to see what has 'blown' and starting to put the damage right, could take a while !
The signs are all inside and the Gnomes are happily cosy and warm in the shed now. Wagon maintenance is underway and Viceroy's bodywork is receiving a paint makeover into a very smart sort of  'Somerset and Dorsetish' dark blue. Other bits and pieces have been checked over so this fine little loco will be fit to for use on the railway once the driving tender wheels are turned, but that's another story!
Horticultural works continue with more trimming and pruning, some planting and weeding has been done and JP is letting some of the grassed areas grow into 'wild flower' places which hopefully will attract more birds and wildlife!

Think that;s about all for now, take care.