Thursday, 4 September 2014

Oh Dear, what can the matter be????

mm dunno what do you think ?

have you tried ????? 

Poor old 'Thunderbox'  has not been well, sulking and coughing and spluttering, and on Wednesday just gave up!!! Just refused to start, not even a backfire !!!!!
Docs and medics were summoned from all corners with their helpers (as you can see), and they pored all over the poor old loco, for the best part of the day. Heads were scratched, suggestions were made (some unrepeatable here!) and worried looks were worn !!!!! Production almost everywhere on site stopped. Worryingly this 'characterful' loco is getting on a bit now, almost geriatric, so there were worries that he/she had seen her last days !!!!! No no no they said, not likely ! 
Everything, and do we mean everything!!, was checked, and rechecked, and checked again, never has there been such a service given to an old engine, (specially not 'ere!) and still the loco refused to co-operate, it coughed once or twice, but that was all.......'twas a complete mystery.........until the attending technicians got the point and tried something else.(subtle 'inhouse' joke here!).....and, joy of joys, the engine sprang to life and ran as sweet as ever, thank goodness!!!! sounded as it never did before and romped round the track like a good 'un. and not even a hint of any smoke, blimey!!!!
Well done Guys, a good day's work eh ????!!!!!!

Happy faces at the end of the day!!!
All photos: Brian M

Hope to see you all on Sunday afternoon (7th September) between 2 and 5, when Thunderbox and Friends will be coming out to play.!!!