Friday, 15 August 2014

Boring but interesting stuff!

We thought for a change from the usual, 'we have done this' and 'we have done that', and we have of course!, you would be fascinated by some statistics from our 'blog' !!!! For instance, last month we had 1468 visits with the main traffic sources being via 1) our website, and 2) Google!....The most popular time for visits is immediately before each Open Day ! The most utilised browsers were Safari (28%), Chrome (24%),  Firefox (22%) and Internet Explorer (16%).Windows was the most used operating system at 51%, followed by the IPad at 23% !
Our audience ranges from the UK (obviously !) forming 67%, followed by Germany (10%), USA (7%), then Austria, Ukraine, India and China at 3%, Shri Lanka with 2 % and France and Sweden at 1 %. There, thought you would be fascinated!!!! 

But, we know you would be really disappointed with no news from the railway, so you will be pleased to learn that the ALR has a new loco on its roster. One of our members has purchased 'Viceroy', the 0-6-0 battery electric owned by John Dabson, who sadly passed away recently. The loco was brought over from The Parklands Railway at Hemsby this week, and had its first run round our tracks on Wednesday when it easily hauled a 2 car set, with several happy members aboard! This beefy little loco will be a very useful,  'ready to go' loco at the ALR, and we look forward to seeing it out and about, often!!!

'Viceroy' being gently rolled down the newly completed ramp

and a happy Ray about to take the loco on its first trip round the ALR!
Photos: John Pond and Brian M