Friday, 4 July 2014

Visiting Engines

The Halesworth Boys 'tweaking' whilst playing at ours last year!
We are delighted that our Friends from the Halesworth Club, who visited us last July with their two 'Sweet Williams', are coming again this year.....on Saturday (and maybe Sunday!), and it is possible that there will be a third loco which we understand to be a Romulus, so we are looking forward to that, should be a fun day !!!! Then if everybody is happy, they may stay over for the Sunday when they can help us with our next Public Open Day, on Sunday 6th July remember, 2 til 5, most things running except 'Isabel', she is not quite well enough yet !!!
We had a good day on Wednesday and all of our stock is serviceable, so as long we don't break anything on Saturday, everything should be out and about on Sunday, maybe we'll see you then ????