Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time's Flying by !!

So it's almost August, blimey, where is this year going to ????? We are keeping busy and although we are not complaining, it has been hot, just like a 'proper' summer!!!!, so some of our 'old bones' have been struggling a bit, but there we are, we often say "if only we had started this railway 10 or 15 years earlier" !!!!!

We had some good 'Isabel' advice from Brian B the other week, (many thanks Brian, much appreciated) and so we are obtaining some stronger springs for the rear axle which it seems should solve the 'timing' problem as there is too much rear axle movement and the rear wheelset is not level. So hopefully once these are fitted she will be 100% again, lovely loco!
Hotspur has been trundling round on running in sessions as we get to know this 'new' loco's traits, she certainly wants to steam. We are ready for Brian Reading to come along and carry out the tests required in order for the loco to be 'certificated', so she will be available for general use. So, the prospect of us having 3 steam locos in action is almost (I did say almost, this is the ALR don't forget!!!!) a reality!

The ramp being assembled in the workshop
Our new offloading ramp is almost complete (well done Engineering Boys!) and the 'Civil Engineering Team' have completed the bases, so once the ramp is painted and the base concrete 'cured', we can install the item and test it !!!!! It will be positioned on the track next to the signal box just behind the gate so trailers can be reversed up to it and stock rolled down onto the track.

and that's where it's going!

We are trying to keep up with the gardening as the greenery is still romping away, and track tweaking continues, plans are afoot to construct the track sections required for the Laurel Sidings headshunt soon, so this job can be got on with after our last Open Day on 5th October
We have been promised by John and Dudley, a visit by their two tram engines on our October Open Day, so we are looking forward to seeing these lovely little, but powerful locos around the circuit (much to the delight of the visiting youngsters no doubt, who'd have thought they would see not one but two Toby's again!!!!! )

Looking forward to our next Public Open Day this coming Sunday (3rd August) when we will be running trains from 2 til 5 pm, weather permitting (and the forecast looks OK at the moment!), maybe we'll see you then?