Monday, 2 June 2014

This 'n that


Roy's Class 40 coming onto the ALR metals ready for turning on Wednesday 28th May 2014

 Hi there
We were very pleased with our June Open Day yesterday, lovely sunny afternoon, plenty of happy visitors, but not too many, so we had time to chat! All our stock got a run out and in spite of one or two problems with Isabel during the week, the Boys managed to keep her going, mostly, along with Lucille, Thunderbox, General, The Shay and Nelson. Sergeant also had a little trundle with Ben & James, on a 'photo' mission, but more of that some other time !!!!!

 Happy Boys preparing for the Open Day

 and Mr Ball doesn't usually look so happy with Welsh flags ????? new leaf AL?

Dave and Ray were busy on Friday and Saturday relaying the track along the Tunnel section, which was sitting on top of the ballast, we noticed during the week, when our visitors from the Nottingham Club came for a play with Roy's wonderful Class 40 (what a sound that loco has !), and his lovely coaches, and Keith's Class 08. Was nice to see Tony and Liz coming over for the day too! It's the first time we have had a full 'standard' gauge train on the circuit! We had a great day with several of us being allowed to drive the 40, thanks Roy & Dennis, very generous of you, and much appreciated. It was great to see the big smiles all round, even Tony had a go !!!!

Tunnel section track being relaid with AH 'Supervising'!

The louvre unit is placed on the new shed roof, and will be secured once we are happy it's in the right position, we are painting the pit floor and part wall with bitumen paint to keep the floor dry, (we pumped about 120 litres out on Wednesday morning, (thanks Ben!) after 24 hours of rain! Blimey!), but it was almost dry on Saturday so we thought we would get a coat on!

The loco shed louvre in place

Ray continues, with help from others it has to be said, on putting Hotspur back together again, and we are looking forward to having three steam locos available, wow!!!! but we are not saying when, just yet , are we Ray ?????

 Ray at his 'desk' with Isabel this time!

and, things don't stay as they are for long here, for a plan has emerged to put a longer head shunt siding in at Laurel Sidings, accessed by a facing point off the main line and then returning 60 feet or so along the main line just before the 'tunnel'. Tape measures have been out and lengths of track and edging boards laid down to see if there's room, and there is , so watch this space!!!!!

and, finally, seven of us are heading North early on Thursday morning, West Yorkshire bound, on our 'Annual Boys Weekend Away', (thank you Ladies! xxx) to see what we can find. Our base this year is Shipley and we have several visits planned, of which more details when we return!!!!

Posed on the bridge

                  Heading for the bridge

                                                             and Keith about to set off with his super little Class 08