Friday, 27 June 2014

Mid Summer update

Laurel sidings area in the lovely sunshine on Wednesday 25th June

We can't believe that we are halfway through 2014 already, doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself! Still steady progress being made on the railway with the end nearly in sight on Hotspur's new boiler re fitting tasks, and it could be that a pressure test isn't too far away!!! We are really looking forward to seeing all THREE steam locos in action! wow!!! 

'Hotspur'  beginning to look smart again!

We have a little work to do on Isabel as there is something not quite right with her valve gear timing, and we were given some valuable advise from our Friends from the Norwich Club when they visited the other week, so hopefully we can put this right and have her 100% again soon. Lucille's injector, which has been a bit 'iffy', has been cleaned out so this should enable her to be fully fit again!. 
We had to fit a new amplifier to the Shay's sound module as 'someone', (yes, OK it was me !!!) connected the battery up the wrong way round, and there was an almighty bang, and a burnt out amp!!!! We have now altered the wiring so the battery leads can be only be connected the right way, so hopefully this won't happen again!!!!
We were pleased to be able to welcome the Rackheath Bombers Toddle Group last Wednesday when some 25 youngsters and their folks had their Annual 'Toddle' around the perimeter of the site to raise funds for the Barnardos Charity. Stories, refreshments and train rides followed and a good time was enjoyed by all despite the dampish morning!!!
We have started to excavate the trackbed for the proposed  lengthened headshunt down at Laurel sidings, so this can be ready for the necessary trackwork alterations to be implemented once this year's Open Days are finished. 
Excavation and edging boards going in on the new headshunt.
The metalwork for our new, longer, offloading ramp has arrived, so that should keep the Boys occupied for an hour or two?????

Next weekend, we are expecting the Boys from the Halesworth Club to come along for a 'play' with their 'Sweet Williams' and this year also a Romulus too!! Looking forward to that!!!!

View across the loco shed area
All photos: Brian M