Monday, 5 May 2014

Off we go!

The fairies in residence on the ALR

Hi there, well our first Public Open Day for this year was brilliant, lots of happy visitors, lovely sunny afternoon, and all went well. Thank you all for coming to see us! There were six trains out at one period during the afternoon which tested the co-ordination 'skills' of our signallers on the new control panel which is now working extremely well. Brackers has now got the interlocking sorted out out  in the 'Triangle /Birchwood Junction' area so no conflicting movements across the flat crossing can take place.
All of our seven working locos did a stint during the afternoon and we even saw a freight train trundling round! (Hotspur is still being re assembled around the new boiler, and is taking shape nicely
We are also delighted that some very attractive females have taken up residence in a 'Fairy Glen' on the curve just past Birchwood Junction, which has got our 'Gnome' population very excited !!!!! Thanks to our Ladies, Barbara, Margaret, Sue and Kay for their efforts in creating this area, which we know has been well received already!

Getting ready for the Open Day with the 'posh'  new pit cover virtually complete

General and Thunderbox  on duty!

Our Ladies with their creations!

P.S.  and how about this for a Birthday cake? 

We hosted a Birthday Party on Saturday and the lucky participants had this to tuck into!!!! Tricky job cutting that eh????!!!!