Sunday, 23 March 2014

Marching on !

Woodpecker Lodge basking in the sunshine, with planters full of Primulas. 

This wonderful weather is enabling us to crack on and yesterday we put all the signals back out, ready for testing via the new signal box control panel, maybe on Wednesday. We have erected a new fixed Distant on the back straight gantry going out, to 'protect' the Birchwood Junction area, and fitted a sight board on the Birchwood Junction Home. 

We have sorted ''Isabel's' low 'undercarriage' problem and she is Ok now, having had a trundle round the circuit behind Nelson. General's brakes are being tweaked. 
The path across to the pit area from the Laurel Sidings shed is finished and we are expecting the timbers for this structure to be delivered this week. Track continues to be 'tweaked, and various painting jobs are ongoing.....phew!!!!
We even managed to find some time to do a bit of sailing last Wednesday !!!!!


Who would have thought that we would be enjoying an our lunch outside in the warm sunshine on 19th March !!!!!!

 Bye for now

Monday, 17 March 2014

On the Costa Del Ashmanhaugh !

Hello....well we are the lucky ones, lovely warm sunny days, light evenings, lots of smiles & laughter around the place, and loads being done!

Busy, busy down at Laurel Sidings, new concrete slab well in use!

The pit slab is concreted and we have cleaned the pit out so the Boys can get at the stock....Isabel was steamed up last Saturday to make sure all was well, it wasn't, but a couple of leaks were soon attended to after which the loco trundled round for a while and was working well, just need to investigate her undersides as something is catching the sleepers....she is having a 'toolbox' made to sit at the back of the tender too. Lucille next!

Isabel's new toolbox in progress

Work on the track continues to ensure all 100% for our operating season. We'll be putting the signals back out shortly as the weather is being so kind, as we intend (yes,we really really do!) to use April Saturdays as practise sessions so we can 'hone' our skills and get back up to speed (but not too quick please!), This will also enable some more members to be trained up on various duties so we can increase our 'muliti skilling' roles !!!!!!.
The area round the pit is being tidied up with a new path being laid to the pit area and the ground generally ballasted and tidied up, so when the timber arrives for the pit cover, we can get on with that little task.

 New timber path being put in and Isabel being attended to !

 Oh, and 'Nelson' now has a posh front end!

   All photos by Uno Huu