Thursday, 10 October 2013

All done!

Hi, well, we had a lovely last public Open Day for 2013 last Sunday, with lots of nice people visiting, enjoying the warm sunshine and riding the trains. All just about went well with just one or two little 'whoopsies' with some locos later on, but we managed to keep it all going! Particularly well done to Barry, who had 'volunteered' to be PIC for the day, (we try to vary this duty amongst those who will give it a go!)) and although full of trepidation beforehand, did a good job!
So, thank you for all for coming, hope to see you next year!.
Lucille, Isabel, The General, The Shay, Thunderbox and Nelson all did their bit, and we are now into the 'tweak and maintain' routine, with work already being done on The General and Nelson. We are cracking on with the gardening and painting while the weather holds, but already we are experiencing much lower temperatures and some heavy rain (this morning....Thursday), and we shall soon be altering the clocks, then it will feel as though winter is coming! Booooooo .....
An enjoyable and tasty meal was enjoyed by our members at a local Hostelry last week, and we are looking forward to our Fish & Chip evening in November.
Not much more to tell at the moment so until next time.....
P.S. sorry no piccys, but yours truly was awol (at the footie!)....
so I took some yesterday for you instead !
 New speed and whistle signs on Home Straight gantry

 New sight board on Birchwood Junction signal

New camera giving view of Triangle/Birchwood Junction area
All photos: Brian M