Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summertime....continued.. great !

The General sets out on its 'backwards' journey! (read on !)
Well, there goes another sunny week and nearly another sunny  month ....almost. We have been pottering about doing this 'n that, intended to have a fun running day last Sat but would you believe we had a rainy day, yes that wet stuff which although not in the torrential league, was damp enough to convince us by just before lunch that we should do something else ! But what? Well after much deliberation and 'discussion' over several cups of tea & coffee, some of us decided to alter the main workshop door so it would open fully when the canopy was in position, so a plan was hatched, sort of.... and we got stuck in, "oh, we'll have this done by lunchtime", yeah right....the guys in the workshop thought they had got the easy job, don't know what they were up to, something to do with Hotspur's chassis they said......"anyway we can go home when we like but you lot on the door job can't go home til you've got it back on and all secured !!", they said. Well to cut a long story shorter,  the door was reduced in width, a new wider jamb fitted so the door would clear the canopy pole, the ply backing cut down and all the bits and pieces refitted,  and we were off just before 5, a job well done......all we have to do now is to work out what size flashing we want over the canopy so as to stop drips running own our necks when it's wet,another Saturday job?
The General passing the signal box - wrong way round !
And .... today saw another first.....yes, for the first time ever,(we think?'),  and possibly not to be repeated in a while, we ran a train the wrong way round the circuit, enjoyed by us and also with a friendly and happy family from Yorkshire, on board, who were staying in one of the holiday cottages, lovely. General was in charge and seemed to know where he was going which is more than yours truly did trying to take some photos of the event!!
The General coming off the bridge over the 'puddle '!
All photos: Brian M
We are all ready for our penultimate Open Day for this year on Sunday don't forget, 2 til 5.....with just about everything ready for action, including, dare we say a first Open Day appearance for Isabel, but we'll see, said that last month and she got the sulks on Sunday morning !
Fingers crossed for a nice day with everything working, including us !!! See you then?





Monday, 5 August 2013

Lovely Open Day !

A happy James bringing 'Isabel' round through the station on Saturday
Hi there. We enjoyed a super Open Day yesterday with lots (but not too many !) happy visitors enjoying the lovely warm, sunny afternoon. We had four trains running for most of the afternoon which kept the queues down so our visitors didn't have to wait long for a ride. We had Lucille working hard all afternoon (well done Keith!), ably supported by General, Thunderbox, The Shay, Nelson and Sergeant. Unfortunately, Isabel  was 'failed' on Sunday morning with a faulty injector, so did not make an appearance, which we were all sad about as she had run faultlessly on Saturday, and we have been looking forward to her being in action! So maybe next time?

 Alan & James having a 'conflab' with 'Isabel' on Saturday.
Photos: Brian M


P.S. Could we just remind (intending) visitors that the Ashmanhaugh Light Railway Club operates the railway on a private site which is only open to the Public on the advertised Open Days, so we would be grateful if people would not just wander in for a 'look round' at other times, as it is private property. Thank you.