Thursday, 25 July 2013

Time Flies

The NRM's lovely L & B 'Taw' seen at its temporary home at the Nottingham Club during our visit in June.
Well into this lovely Summer now and Schools are out so let's hope it lasts a while longer ! We had a pleasant Birthday Party last Saturday with lots of happy, singing and laughing children enjoying the trains and the surroundings.(to say nothing of the cakes and stuff!).  General, Thunderbox, Lucille and The Shay came out to play, but not for long in Lucille and The Shay's case,! Lucille quickly ran out of breath (a shortage of that steam stuff actually!), and the Shay, well, if we will try to run the loco with the brakes full on, it's hardly surprising that the drive belt from the Eaton to the chain axle gave up and snapped! But another has been sourced and should be fitted on Saturday all being well, so no serious damage done thank goodness, but another lesson learned ??????.  
Isabel needs a new injector we found, so one is on order, but we are hoping to give her a run round on Saturday which is going to be a bit of as training day for us to 'polish' our skills, driving, guarding, signalling or whatever we can fit in. We are getting more members 'passed out' on more tasks now so we can be very multi skilled hopefully, which will help out on Open Days!
Oh and you won't believe this, but what did we do yesterday?, you'll never guess, well we pointed up the ridge tile on the signal box roof which has had a 'gap' for 'x' years now !!!!!! All done, really, it is, honest......  so that's another job off the list (not sure which one ?).
The bridge handrail is re stained and the bridge decking has been given a splash of decking stain, the Ticket Office roof has had a new felt ridge piece fitted as there was a hole on the roof felt.
And Hotspur's chassis is having a good clean and checkover prior to being repainted so it's all posh when the new boiler arrives (not yet for a while !) 
Ben's mended another puncture on his bike tyre ! and we need to get some of that 'stuff' to put into the wheelbarrow tyres to stop them deflating as they are all flat again (it's all them thorns from the gardening!).
And we will have another 'green ' loco soon, (if it rains!), not quite sure what it is, looks a bit like a tank loco, think it's a steamer as there is a chimney, but let's wait and see what nature can do and we'll show you a photo maybe!
So, all is well here, hope all is well with you all....see you soon?

Roy's super Class 40 out in the 'Boondocks' during its visit to the ALR earlier this year.
Photos: Brian M